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Thanks to county budget cuts, students are being forced to share lockers in gym class. Dakota White has been paired up with Alex Love. Alex takes punctuality seriously and always tries to beat Dakota to their locker first so he can be ready sooner. It’s too bad for Alex that Dakota loves to get on the nerves of cute boys.

Dakota times himself perfectly in order to be at the locker precisely when Alex arrives. Alex is quick to comprehend this little game. At first he’s annoyed, but when Dakota grabs Alex’s dick, Alex changes his mind! Since class doesn’t start for another hour, the guys decide to have some fun in the empty locker room. Alex is a little shy and nervous about hooking up on school grounds, so Dakota suggests they put on some wrestling tights and go for a roll on the mats! Alex is game for a good time, and the boys roll and play on the floor. When horseplay moves to include dry humping and kissing, the tights come off and the naked boys grind their nubile bodies against each other. Dakota has been waiting to get his dick inside Alex’s mouth ever since they met at the beginning of the semester. And wow do Alex’s lips feel good!! Dakota is enjoying a taste of Alex’s sweet asshole. Then Dakota is sliding his hard, juicy dong into that tight pocket for a proper pounding. See these super hot Next Door Twinks take advantage of the empty locker room and their raging hormones! Click for more Alex Love & Dakota 



Dr. Phingerphuck was booked back to back with patients again so of course he was running a bit behind. Damn nurse Cindy and her lack of attention. On his way to another patient he stopped by one of the exam rooms where his upcoming patient Jay was quietly sitting around waiting for the Doctor. Cracking open the door just a tad, Dr. Phingerphuckpopped in his head and asked Jay if he could please just get down to his boxers. After those brief instructions the doctor left the room as Jay began to undress.Once Jay removed all his clothes he began to get a bit bored and started snooping around the exam room.He opened up the drawers next to the exam table and found a treasure trove of anal toys. He grabbed a little prostate massager from the bottom of the drawer and figured he might as well have some fun while the doctor was taking his sweet time. He got up on the table and spread his ass open and pushed in the toy into his tight hole.He pushed it as deep as it would go till it hit the spot. Click for more Jayce



Jeremy and Reid are helping me out with some decorating this holiday season. They’re bringing the boxes down from the attic and unpacking when they get distracted by something more festive. Soon, they’re making out with their elf hats on and garland draped around them. Shirts fly off and hands get jammed into pants. Jeremy helps Reid out of his pants and immediately engulfs his uncut dick with the warmth and moistness of his mouth. Tonguing his foreskin and caressing his rippled body, Jeremy goes for a long cock sucking session. Reid is hungry for some cock himself, and goes to town on Jeremy’s pink stiff. Click for more Jeremy and Reid




Bruno Knight claims Jason Michaels as his new fuck-toy, and Jason iseager to go along for the ride with his hairy English ‘dad’. Like twobeasts pawing at each other, they devour each other in a hungry kiss.Bruno reaches down to fondle Jason’s fuzzy balls, then slides hishand between his partner’s legs to play with his hairy ass-crack.Jason buries his face in Bruno’s thick chest fur and brushes Brunowith his own whiskers as he slides his mouth down to Bruno’s crotch.Greedy Jason devours all of Bruno’s massive meat like a good lad.Bruno’s in charge as he calls all the shots making sure Jason’s doingthe job right. Jason plays along, but also takes some control of hisown by smothering Bruno’s face with his ass, making the big guy eatit out. Bruno attacks Jason’s tight puckered hole with a vengeancelicking, spitting and tongue-fucking him the way you want it done! Theexcitement builds and it’s not long before Jason is face down — Brunodelivering his stiff cock deep. Bruno is aggressive and playfully brutaland Jason’s loving every bit of it. They finish themselves off by theirown clenched fists, shooting off two explosives blasts of cum. Click for more Bruno Knight & Jason Michaels 



Drake Tyler isn’t new to pulling a fast one in order to get what he wants, and what he wants right now is a strong set of hands and a nice, raw cock or two. Feigning injury, he calls for a doctor, and when Cole Christiansen shows up, he knows he’s in good hands. Cole tends to Drake’s visible needs, sponging him down and helping him up to the restroom, but Cole has another patient to check on and so he has to leave before giving Drake a full examination.

Undeterred, Drake calls for a second doctor, and when Conner Hastings shows up, Drake believes he’s hit paydirt for real. Conner is ready and willing to administer a full range of services to Drake’s body, but just as he begins his treatment, Dr. Cole happens by the window, on his way back to check on Drake.

Well, as you can imagine, pure madness ensues. Doctors don’t really like other doctors infringing on their territory, and Dr. Conner and Dr. Cole are no different, as they begin to tear away at each other to Drake’s horror.

Drake, caught in a pickle of his own creation, must fess up to the ruse, and before he knows it, he’s the one on the receiving end of the doctors’ raw aggression. Luckily for him, that’s just what he intended in the first place. Click for more Drake Tyler, Cole Christiansen, & Connor Hastings 



Prepare your oils cuz we got a steamy episode of Rub Him today! I’m not sure where they come from but we get an array of extremely sexy guys to come by and provide us with the best massages. The best because they endppy if you catch my drift. In this installment we see two lovers having a good time in front of our cameras and there’s nothing like witnessing two sexy men, inlust with each other, rubbing one another down with olive oil and ending up so hot and horny they both melt in to each other like 2 gay candles melting throughout a miscellaneous and steamy night. Click for more Big Daddy 




Well after relieving the patient from his stomach ailment we both looked at each other and felt the chemistry. Naturally, I couldn’t let this sexy young man leave my grips without taking care of me too. Since the doctor was making his rounds I knew we had to get right down to business before we would be discovered. His hot mouth strained to fit all of my cock inside..and I know he liked it that way. His tongue felt like tiny fingers massaging my dick everytime he bobbed up and down. His kisses had a sweetness I’d never tasted wasn’t long before I busted my thick creamy load all over myself. I’m so glad the doctor made me come in and take over his shift today. Click for more Trit 



In a quaint, hand-built wooden house located somewhere on the smallest island of a long-forgotten archipelago, Ramsees materializes before you in the mist and palm trees. He enters the house. He removes his shirt in front of a mirror, then turns to you and smiles. You realize that somehow, in some strange way, Ramsees is compelling you simply by use of his willpower. You notice that with each passing moment, you have an increasing desire to feast your eyes upon Ramsees’s cock. And finally he does unsheathe his large, swollen dong. When he does, you feel pangs as you realize you yearn for this man’s dick to be in your mouth. As he strokes, his eyes keep meeting yours. You want to reach out and grab his beautiful, stiff meat for yourself! But you know that before you can, you must let go of the separateness between you and him. You must let yourself erupt in ecstasy before you can become one. To come with Ramsees, you must first cum with Ramsees. Click for more Ramsees



Today’s Bareback Casting Paul didn’t have any appointments penciled in, so he decided he wanted to film himself stroking his cock in the office. While he’s doing so, and unsuspecting job seeker walk in on him. Paul tells him to have a seat and the Calvin, as he’s called, tells him he’s looking for a modeling job. As usual, Paul takes advantage of the situation and has him go shirtless to show him his body, al the while he’s still stroking his hard cock. What happened next was nothing short of the usual Paul Fresh and he of course fucked the hell out of Calvin’s tight ass. Click for more Paul & Calvin




Life is sweet when BSB models live close to our studio. Makes filming a whole lot easier. Take today’s update. Newbie JJ Masters texted the cameraman in the morning and was sitting on our bed in the afternoon. “Always need the money right now,” he says to the cameraman. “Crazy times.”Next to him is Colby, a dude who has been hanging around. Although he hasn’t done many scenes, Colby offers the best advice to the newbie. “Pretend it’s a like dream and when you wake up there’s money,” Colby says. “The gay porn tooth fairy comes to bring you money.” JJ hasn’t read “Sucking Dicks for Dummies,” but he did look at a couple vids. He’s not certain this will help, but is willing to give it a go. Both guys get naked and Colby sucks first. Click for more JJ Masters & Colby Jones 



The first movie under John Rutherford’s direction at COLT studio, after purchasing the studio in 2003, was RELOAD. Making a hardcore COLT Movie of this quality certainly required some dexterity. The production had its challenges due to the underwater sex sequence involving Marcus Iron and Rob Romoni. Rutherford wanted to push the boundaries with the ways viewers got to look at COLT Men by staging innovative shots of underwater penetration. Award-winning videographer, Todd Montgomery, used an underwater camera to capture the scenes up close far before anyone else in the industry was doing it at the time. The scenes were seen up close and the performers were very excited to try something new. The COLT Movie RELOAD and its underwater scene will be one to remember. Click for more Sebastian Bronco  & Junior




Hello there boys! So our good friend Paul Fresh pounced on yet another “client” looking for work. This time his target is named Armando and he’s a little bit on the shy/bashful side of things. But that’s not gonna Stop Paul from fucking his brains out. You gotta watch and see for yourself how this ass pounding goes down. Click for more Paul Fresh
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