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He’s one of your favorite ginger porn stars–and a personal hero for me because he can suck his own cock: MR. JAMES JAMESSON!

And today we’ve got a special roundup featuring 5 of his must-see scenes on RocketTube.

Make sure you hit James Jamesson up on Twitter @JJamessonXXX and his website

In no particular order…

1. Tommy Defendi gets an ass pounding from James Jamesson on

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Hunter Page is one sexy motherfucker, and this week he is pounding James Lee, our newest hot bottom boy. Hunter and James begin making out, and from there the sparks fly! Hunter starts to get James excited by going down on him in the college dorm bunk bed, and James is loveing Hunters warm lips around his cock. James returns the favor, sucking Hunter like he has not had cock for months! The deepthroating and cock sucking could not be hotter! Hunter asks James to stand against the bunk bed, and as Hunter slides his cock into James hole, the action finally starts in earnest. Hunter pound James hard, and James is enjoying every inch of Hunters cock. As he crouches down into doggie style James can feel Hunters dick even deeper in his ass. As Hunter flips James onto his back, legs in the air, James finally gets to be face to face with Hunter, and the action gets even more intense. Hunter drills deep into James, pounding incessantly until James busts a nut, and Hunter is not soon behind.





Ginger stud James Jamesson recounts nearly getting busted by the police after busting a nut in the library bathroom.

In a solo scene for, the sexy redhead tells a friend on the phone that earlier in the day he got a stiffy after reading a romantic mystery novel in the library, then hit up the lavatory to relieve himself.

Moments later, a cop stopped James on his way out to let him know he wasn’t too thrilled with his wanky session. Pffft… and you complain the cops aren’t keeping the streets safe! Give him the death penalty!

“Am I seriously about to go to jail for jerking off in the bathroom?” James told a friend over the phone. “That’s what polite people do.”

After the story telling phone call ends, James gets back to rubbing his meat. He’s even flexible enough to self-suck his cock until he spills milk on his face. And that’s not where his talents end. James hit us up on Twitter and added: “I can also dance like a mothafucka!”


mtv star aaron james

This week Jet Set Men wrapped up its new release, Ass Cruisin, starring the dynamic Aaron James, its wildly popular new exclusive who found worldwide fame on MTV’s True Life series earlier this year.

In Chris Steele’s latest from Jet Set Men, Ass Cruisin’ with Aaron James, Aaron James cruises the streets of LA looking for some boy butt to fuck. Along the way, he encounters fellow Jet Set Exclusive (and 2008 Grabby Award winning Best Bottom!) Jesse Santana, who eagerly jumps into his sleek convertible. But James can’t wait to get Jesse in his house. Outside, he grabs Jesse’s ass, rips down his pants and dives tongue first into gay porn’s finest man butt before they even reach the waiting cock of Rod Daily in the house.

In fact, Aaron James is so insatiable that he appears in every scene in Ass Cruisin’, sometimes as a full participant, sometimes just to get things going.

Among the notable scenes on the DVD is an encounter between Aaron James and web star Rocco, who in his first DVD, provides Aaron James with a magnificent jerk-off solo that ends with a volcanic splash of cum across Aaron James’ butt!



When it cums to being on bottom, not many do it better than James Hamilton. Though this straight stud loves getting’ it on with the ladies, he’s secure enough with his own sexuality to show a manly side. Sean Ash was happy to see that side of James… his back-side, that is. Sean started off sucking on James’ massive man-meat, and James was happy to return the favor. But Sean had more than just a blowjob on his mind. He couldn’t wait to put James on his back and plow his manhole hard and deep. Pleasure and pain become one and the same when you’ve got a big dick rubbing the right spot at Straight Men. Click for more Sean Ash and James Hamilton



Sometimes when you’re super sexy, you can pull off a solo video that’s just as sexy and entertaining as videos with more than one person. That’s the case with Next Door Male James Huntsman. Even if you aren’t a hardcore solo video fan, you’ll want to watch this one. James has a body and a look about him that requires your presence. You watch him and you want him. Check him out as he strokes for you in this scene.

Compliments of RocketTube

Is James your fantasy or your reality? You can watch his full video at the Next Door Male website and then decide. The Next Door Male RocketTube channel might also satisfy other cravings if you’re curious.



This will be a day of firsts for the ever-smiling Tristan Stiles. He’s going to fuck a guy, namely Romeo James. And the Shakespearean character will make Tristan bite the pillow by plowing his ass. When the cameraman asks what he thinks it will feel like getting filled with dick, Tristan doesn’t have much hope.

“Hurt. Unpleasant. Excruciating pain,” Tristan offers.

He’s certain he won’t have a lick of fun, but Romeo offers a different perspective.

“I think he’ll enjoy it,” Romeo says.

Romeo remembers the first time his BSB cherry was popped, and there was pain. But the stud has come back…..LOL

Clothes are tossed aside and both are semi-hard. Always a a positive sign. Romeo sucks first and after a few laps comes up to place a kiss on Tristan’s mouth. After the brief smooch, Romeo returns to blowing. He grabs those cum heavy nuts as he sucks away. Tristan’s eyes are closed, and his mouth is agape. Someone is in blow job heaven.

Soon it’s time for Tristan to show off his oral skills. He gobbles up Romeo’s rod.

“Yeah, suck that dick,” Romeo encourages.

Tristan needs some more kisses before he continues, which Romeo gladly offers. Have there been sexier kissers than these two? A video of them just making out would probably cause the internets to explode! LOL!

Tristan gets on his back, those thighs in the air. When Romeo tries to enter the man hole, bare, Tristan flinches. Too much meat. But Romeo must have his prize, so he holds Tristan down. Poor Tristan grunts and groans as his hole is stretched. Romeo fucks balls deep, but goes slow. Even gives his bottom boy a kiss. The pace slowly quickens as Romeo nibbles on Tristan’s foot and ankle.

“Tight hole,” Romeo says.

He rubs Tristan’s chest and gives him one more kiss. Romeo pulls out and sucks Tristan’s tool. You can’t fuck with a soft dick :-)

Tristan puts lube on his schlong. Romeo slathers some on his hole, and gets in the doggie position. Tristan enters and starts pounding from the first stroke. Balls deep in that hairy ass. Before he gets on his back, Romeo and Tristan make out. When he’s back in, Tristan is slamming that hole. Each stroke makes Romeo curse and groan. He even puts a hand on Tristan’s thigh to keep him from reaching so deep.

But a man’s joy button can only be toyed with so many times. Romeo nuts jizz all over his chest and stomach. Tristan continues to pump away until he’s ready to bust. His load slathers his hand and dribbles on Romeo’s pole.

Such vigorous fucking deserves more lip lock, which is what the boys do! Click for more Tristan Stiles and Romeo James 



James Lee is an 18 year old Texan with an ornery disposition and a sexy bod. James is very much the experimental type, and for such a young guy seems to have experienced a lot already, including… Click the picture to see more.



Big news from the cyber pimp, Randyblue! They’ve just made the jump to HD! Go Randy, Go Randy! From the email I recieved, every new video from now on will be in this amazing new format which will give you (randyblue members) a clearer, crisper, and larger image. And who better to kick off our new format than the larger than life Brandon James! WOW! Did you see that bod and ass! I know what I want for lunch! ;)

Check Out Brandon James Exclusively At Randyblue!



Our pal @HoneyBeeGrey hit us up on Twitter today and put us on a mission to find a video featuring sexy porn star Jason St. James. After some creative searching we found him in one scene on

Below, watch Jason sucked and fucked by frat boy Zack.

Tweet us if you horny guys out there find any more Jason St. James videos on RocketTube. Make sure you add @JasonStJamesXXX and @HoneyBeeGrey too.



Paul Canon opens up with his sexiest British accent. He shares some exciting news, Romeo is getting his virgin ass fucked!

“Today I’m going to pop this guy’s cherry,” Paul says to the camera. “And he’s real nervous about it.”

“Very,” Romeo adds.

“Just think about the money,” the cameraman notes.

“I sort of feel sorry for him,” Paul muses. “I know the feeling.”

“Having some guy’s cock in me is not too appealing,” Romeo notes.

“It’s not some guy,” the cameraman explains. “It’s Paul.”

Paul and Romeo undress quickly, tossing their clothes to the side and immediately start making out like they’ve been fucking each other for years. Paul is eager and excited. He makes his way down to Romeo’s dick and sucks it passionately. Romeo has no complaints as Paul swallows his hard dick, tickling the head with the back of his throat. Romeo rewards Paul’s skills with another kiss and then quickly begins to suck Paul’s legendary cock.

Romeo’s skills only heighten Paul’s desire to slide his dick inside Romeo’s virgin hole! Before you know it Romeo’s hairy, bubble butt is being pierced by Paul’s meat.

“I promise to be easy,” Paul assures.

Paul’s dick slides slowly in and out of Romeo’s tight fuck hole. Romeo is holding on for dear life as big Paul slams his ass harder and faster. Paul’s raw dick must feel good because Romeo is moaning and not from pain.

“Fuck me, bro,” Romeo moans.

Paul sucks and licks on Romeo’s toes  as he goes balls deep in that virgin ass. He slaps his fat booty while he fucks him.

“I want you to cum for me,” Paul says.

Romeo is already close and a few moments later he unloaded a fat nut. Paul slides out of his tight, wet hole and jacks off over Romeo’s sweet mouth. He cums all over Romeo’s lips and mouth. Click for more Paul Canon and Romeo James




The documentary kink, premiering at this week’s Sundance Film Festival and produced by James Franco, takes a bird’s eye look at San Francisco-based major BDSM internet porn company, and doesn’t wince.

Directed by Franco’s longtime cinematographer Christina Voros, the movie completely revels in a world where ropes and bondage are joyful ways of expressing lust — and we’re talking way more “discipline” than Fifty Shades of Grey. Check out our exclusive premiere of the movie’s trailer below. But be warned, faint-of-heart readers: It’s stuffed with footage of buff guys getting trussed up and a red-haired female porn director ordering porn actors to scream or be spanked. The mood is totally, unequivocally gleeful, and unabashedly NSFW.

-Entertainment Weekly