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Imagine…a handsome hunk relaxing on the beach, a morning jogger, an unsuspecting repairman…none of them saw it coming. But when an igniting force meets an irresistible object, all are Thrust into a torrid encounter beyond their control. Nothing less than a series of seducers—led by TitanMen exclusives Leo Alarcon, Francois Sagat and Christopher Saint—probe deep and hard in this pulse-pounder from award-winning director Brian Mills.

Relaxing on the beach, Viktor Jones is distracted by runner Francois Sagat. Their heart rates—and their huge uncut cocks—soar even higher in the rain-filled forest.

While stretching after his morning jog, Christopher Saint is admired by Tristan Jaxx. After an oral exchange, Saint tightens his toned hole around the top’s sizeable slab.

Copier repairman Leo Alarcon can’t believe his eyes as businessmen Ethan Wolfe and Dakota Rivers engage in some extracurricular office activity. The stroking voyeur is soon brought into the action as an unforgettable threesome ensues.

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TitanMen brings you their latest fetish masterpiece “Slick Dogs”, a group of sexy canines—led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Will Parker who all unleash their inner animals.

If you’re into fetish, you’ll love watching these hunks slide their massive muscles into latex as they bark for their big bones.

Take a look at the hot video clip below of yet another TitanMen epic and you’re ready to let the “Slick Dogs” out, then head over to TitanMen and join the pack.



Well, in case you don’t we’ve got a hard-on for you instead.

Let’s face it, You work hard.  It’s the weekend which means now it’s time to focus on fun. Take a break from the stress as several stiff, distracting dicks—including those of TitanMen exclusives Marco Blaze, Dean Flynn, Christopher Saint and Dario Beck (making his incendiary TitanMen debut)—interrupt your day in Distraction. Temptation waits, so let yourself go as the studs invite you to stray into a series of sexual fantasies that will have you surrendering with a smile.


Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn work up their muscles at the gym, grabbing the attention of poolboy Dario Beck. After a wet workout outside, the three finish with some ass-stretching exercises indoors.


Generous Jay Roberts donates a treadmill to charity—but gets a nice return in the form of pickup man Christopher Saint, who needs a timeout from his tough job.


With his cock throbbing, chiseled worker Bryan Slater lures tall, dark and handsome businessman Scott Alexander out on the patio for an oral exchange. A flip fuck by the storage unit completes their intense encounter.


The DVD and Blu-ray™ of Distraction went on sale at on Tuesday, February 9th; Distraction is scheduled for wholesale release on March 9th.

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Eyes engage. Hearts pound. Bodies react. You can’t control it—it’s your natural Reflex. Led by the artistic touch of award-winning director Brian Mills, a group of studs—including Titan Men exclusives David Anthony, Dario Beck, Marco Blaze, Will Parker and Christopher Saint—pulse and twitch their way through a throbbing series of scenes. Surrender your mind, lose control and give in to your primal instinct.

While lounging by the pool at night, a rock-hard Christopher Saint is soon seduced by tall, dark and handsome David Anthony—whose monster cock has a mind of its own.

The muscular bods and big boners of showering buds Dario Beck and Dakota Rivers are too much for voyeur Will Parker to take—leading to enthusiastic slurping and an intense fuck chain.

Two titanic cocks come together when Marco Blaze moves in on handyman Tyler Saint, their oral excitement followed by a passionate flip-fuck that leaves them breathless.

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My buddy TitanBill over at Titan Men posted a great little behind the scenes clip from their movie Double Standard… And let me tell ya, those Titan Men are looking H-O-T HOT BABY! Damn! I don’t know how they do it, but they need to keep it up!

Ever wonder what goes on at your apartment building with the repairmen and building managers while you’re at work? Well, if your building is like this one, you’d probably be calling in sick more often! Directed by Brian Mills, Double Standard stars TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, François Sagat, Rick van Sant and Diesel Washington along with five other hot and hung studs.



Titan Media, the San Francisco-based gay porn giant has filed suit against the free video streaming site and its two founders who live in Germany for copyright infringements.

The suit is asking for $1.35 million in damages, according to a report from adult industry magazine Xbiz.

Titan claims the site distributed nine of their movies without permission and one of the films had over 20,000 views. The lawsuit also files allegations the site’s administrators have attempted to hide their identity by operating through an offshore company. Monstercocktube was recently renamed to

It’s speculated however that Titan will have a difficult time seeing this suit through to the payday as the owners of Monstercocktube have responded by saying they can’t be tried under U.S. law, and Xbiz reports that a recent letter sent by the San Francisco federal court was labeled “return to sender.”

Titan has a great reputation for quality work and gorgeously hunky men! Check out this video clip below then head over to Titanmen to purchase your copy of your favorite Titanmen film. Come on people, these guys work hard for you…shouldn’t they get a paycheck too?

Also in the news…According to Xbiz, a new video company has brought ultimate fighting and gay porn together for those gay men who love fighting and sex!

According to a post on Xbiz:

A new gay video and website combining ultimate fighting and sex was announced by “Ultimate Gay Fighter“.

The company said this is a first in the adult market, combining the action seen on Ultimate Fighting Championship and other MMA bouts with hot man-on-man sex.

Get more info here!



Those dirty devils over at Titan Men just posted a fun little featuring Titan Men Exclusive Francois Sagat showing the world that he can infact multitask and he’s not a bad lip singer either! 2 skills I personally think everyone should have in today’s uncertain times. High five Francois! lol Don’t forget to show my buddies at Titan Men (and Francois) some love by checking out Titan Men On-Demand!

p.s. he is also one hell of a dancer. ;)