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Yo! Blondie! Now, you can’t help but to love a cute little blonde twink, and Glen definitely fits that profile to a “T”. He’s slim, blonde haired, blue-eyed with just a sprinkle of hair going down his hot little bod!

But Glen isn’t a dumb blond. He’s actually really smart and fun to talk to. And oh, did I mention that he’s a little hottie? Dirty Tony found the gold at the end of the rainbow with this one!

But when it cums to being on camera, Glen is definitely not shy! His “actor” side really cums out and speaking of cum, he loves to drink a nice hot load, which I guess would make him a “dirty blond”.



Rockettube user Ezza18 had a sexy bareback fuck with a horny twink – and he uploaded the video to Rockettube’s amateur section yesterday.

“Gorgeous blond twink begs for more,”
he wrote.

Watch him pound his bottom boy, then finish off with a milk facial.




I’m back…. And this time, since it’s the month of love and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I decided to pop up over here again and shake things up by featuring my favorite sweet-faced heart breakers, monster-carrying bad boys and naughty, frisky boys that love them.  My top 6 are…

1.) Jake Bass

I picked Jake because he’s got a sweetness to him, a bit of that innocent charm. He has eyes, lips and presence that makes him look more like a budding and possibly famous future print model.  But don’t let that face fool you. As you can see, he’s a nasty, naughty boy as good as they come. Whether it’s giving a bit of a pounding to porn newcomer (and a friend of mine) Mason Star or showing us how ferocious a bottom he can be with Gabriel Clark. Ferocious indeed. Like I said, don’t let that sweet face fool you. This boy is a real heart breaker.

Watch Jake Bass In Action

2.) Cliff Jensen

If there was anybody who had the words “bad boy” written in bold face below their name, it’s this dirty, naughty and devilish grinned Italian Stallion. Cliff Jensen is every where and then some with his massive club of a dick these days. I think my favorite of him is the wild bit he did with Alternadudes featuring him and some delicious emo, Skyler. No denying it, this one is genuinely a wild ass bad boy. I intend to watch him over and over again.

Watch Cliff Jensen In Action

3.) Kieron Knight

What is it with English boys having big, enormous and often circus-sized dicks? I LOVE IT!  Read more



Squealing with delight IS NOT what this new DVD Little Pigs, from director Stephane Moussu and Raw Entry Club, is all about. Grunting, groaning, sucking, licking, rimming, and especially fucking bareback with wild abandon – are more like it. These pigs are young, but they’re also hung, down and dirty – having a great time living and lusting in the great out-of-doors. Luckily, not much about them is “little”.

The first two hot guys come driving through the woods in a Jeep. They park and devour each other with their eyes. Wasting no time in acting on their desire, Bjorn and Jirka are necking and groping even as the opening credits roll. By the time the movie really starts, they are already well on their way. Bjorn has a sexy, muscular body and short cropped blond hair, and Jirka is a lankier, dark-haired stud. They climb into the back of the Jeep, and Jirka gets into Bjorns pants and sucks on his big dick. Bjorn’s jeans come off so Jirka can suck him even better. Eventually, they need more room, so they jump out of the Jeep. Bjorn sits up on the hood, so that Jirka can stand on the ground and give him an even better blow job, devouring his cock and balls. The viewer glimpses Jirka’s ass crack, as his pants drop seductively. Bjorn’s legs go in the air so his friend can suck and rim his ass. Bjorn loves it. Jirka’s licks Bjorn’s ready hole and pushes a finger in, then two, as his pants drop to the ground. Bjorn slips down to the ground, puts one foot up on the running board and makes his ass available for Jirka. He pushes his dick in and fucks him, his balls slapping against Bjorn’s ass. Jirka kisses Bjorn’s back and sensuously licks him as he pounds him. Several times, he withdraws his dick and then shoves it back in. Bjorn reaches around to kiss him when he can, and Jirka’s keeps going. Viewing them fucking from beneath is hot. Jirka jacks himself off and shoots over Bjorn’s chest, and then bends down to lap up some of his juice and kiss. Bjorn then stands to shoot on Jirka’s face and mouth. He goes down on his friend’s cock and licks it clean. And again they kiss.

Jimmy and Aaron are wandering shirtless through the woods and stop to rest near a stream. They kiss and grope, sucking on each other’s nipples and caressing each other’s chests. Blond Jimmy drops to his knees and pops Aaron’s pants open, pulling them down and off. He sucks hungrily on Aaron’s big dick – for a long time. Standing again, Aaron starts to push Jimmy’s pants down, rubbing his body and appreciating his ass. What a big dick Aaron has, and Jimmy goes back down on his knees to work some more on it. They kiss and Aaron sits on a table. He reaches down to Jimmy’s ass across the table, as Jimmy half lies across it. Aaron definitely wants to shove his dick in, but Jimmy’s shorts are still in the way. He goes behind him and pushes his shorts down and wedges his big dick in. He fucks Jimmy as he leans across the table. He raises up with his hands on the table, but we still haven’t glimpsed his dick. The fuck sideways to the camera. They are both really into it and even make “pig-like” noises. Aarons rams it in and out a few time and cums on Jimmy’s ass. He reinserts his dick and rubs his jizz around on Jimmy’s ass. They kiss with Aaron still plunged deep inside. Then, Jimmy turns around and cums in Aaron’s mouth as he kneels to take it. He goes down on it and sucks it clean. They end standing and kissing.

As hot as the first scene was, Bjorn, being the “pig” that he is, obviously didn’t get enough. Later in the day, he is naked and sunning his sexy muscular body on a towel spread out on a lawn. Two friends, Davy and Miguel, have wandered up to a nearby buffet table, laid out under a canopy. The two first taste the food, and then each other, necking and feeling each other up. Bjorn is watching and getting turned on just watching, playing with himself over on his blanket. He turns over on his back to expose his fully erect cock. Davy and Miguel stand and take their pants off, displaying their hard-ons as well. The two kneel side by side on a bench, asses pushed out invitingly, kissing each other. They throw something at Bjorn, like they didn’t already have his attention. He wanders over to play with their naked asses, licking Davy’s and then Miguel’s. He fingers both of their ass holes, and works up to fucking Davy as he kisses Miguel. Miguel kisses Davy’s back as he gets fucked. Then, Miguel offers up his ass too, but Bjorn keeps plowing Davy. Miguel fucks Davy now, and Bjorns helps out by slapping his ass. Miguel jacks Bjorn and kisses him. Davy drops to his knees to such Bjorn’s big meat. Miguel shoots a really big load in Davy’s mouth, and, with cum already dripping from his mouth, he takes Bjorn’s as well. Miguel and Bjorn kiss. Davy jacks off and shoots and then laps up his own load. Miguel and Bjorn pull Davy up for a three-way kiss.

Scene 4 – TOM & JIRKA
Like Bjorn before him, Jirka, too, craves more sex. We catch him running down a road in the woods with Tom, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Jirka’s first partner Bjorn. They stop just long enough to embrace, kiss and feel each other up. Kissing Tom deeply, he manages to get rid of Tom’s pants and get him down to a black bikini. Jirka is the more aggressive and wants Tom’s ass. Drifting off to a more secluded spot, Tom’s tank top comes off. Jirka drops to his knees to go down on Tom. He has a beautiful body and a fine thick dick, so thick in fact, that Jirka has trouble getting it in his mouth. Tom loves it as Jirka really works it hard. Jirka drops his pants and lies down on a blanket, so that Tom can suck his big dick while jacking off his own. At this point, you know someone’s going to get fucked, but it isn’t clear who! Jirka moans and licks his own shoulders in a moment of passion, and then jacks off as Tom licks his balls. Tom goes back to sucking on Jirka who must be ready to shoot. Tom crawls on top of him, and they kiss. They roll over so that Jirka is now on top. The next shot has them both on their knees and Jirka fucking Tom doggie style. They kiss and Jirka acontinues fucking. Tom lies down on his stomach and continues to enjoy the action. Jirka kisses his back and shoulder, and we see Jirka’s great ass from behind as he plows his dick in more. There is more kissing. Jirka got the ass he wanted. He finally pulls out and shoots over Tom’s ass, licking some of it up. Tom sits up and jacks off as Jirka massages his nipples and chest from behind. Tom feeds Jirka some of his own cum and eats some himself. And they kiss.

Felix and Matt are sipping beers and playing cards in a small living room. Eyeing each other, they reach across the table to kiss. Matt moves back to his chair, and Felix follows. Their shirts come off. Felix manages to get Matt’s big dick out of his pants to suck on it. Matt has a slim body. His growth must have all gone to his dick. Felix pulls his shorts totally off. The sucking – face fucking really – is helped along by Matt’s shoving it up to meet him. In this case, the director didn’t have to do much but be there. It seems like neither of them has had sex in a very long time. Felix takes his underwear off and crawls up on the chair so Matt can shove his dick up Felix’s ass from beneath. We catch a glimpse of Felix’s big hard-on as he holds on to the chair arms and rides Matt’s dick down to the hilt. Felix moves to the table and lies on it, legs in the air, to allow Matt to and enter him and fuck some more. He pounds his friend’s ass, and swats it too from time to time. Matt stops fucking long enough for the two kiss. Then slowly, Matt drives it in all the way again, his dick looking ever bigger and bigger. Felix spins around on the table to take Matt’s jizz as it shoots out and into his mouth. Then Felix jacks off and explodes on Matt.




They say there’s nothing like the splendor or youth. I say there’s nothing like the wonder of being young, hung and full of cum. Our two mystery men met by chance in London. The gentlemen slamming his cock down the other’s throat–wearing the white shirt–was a patron at a pub in downtown London. The blonde guy taking his 8 inch cock, was his waiter. The moment they locked eyes there was a silent yearning between the two. Our tall dark stranger decided to make the first move and as the blonde brought him his check we wrote “what time do you get off” on his copy of the receipt. The waiter returned quickly, giving him no eye contact, placing his credit card and receipts on the table. He wrote:  “we close in 30 minutes, meet me back here in 45 minutes, I want to taste your load as it slides down my throat.” As you can see they both got exactly what they both wanted and needed. Click for more Young & Hung



Meet Michael! He is a personal trainer living here in The City. This good looking blond hunk is a true ladies man. He tells us he has many girlfriends.
What he doesn’t tell them is that if they don’t give a good blowjob he will get it elsewhere and that includes letting a gay guy suck him off. The condition is that he gets to look at his favorite pussy porn while a guy services him. Sean could not care less what Michael was looking at just as long as he got to look up at him while sucking him off. The blowjob started off as Michael stood with his shorts down around his ankles as Sean was down on his knees sucking and slurping.  Next he sat down on the sofa as Sean positioned himself in between his legs and continued to suck that beautiful straight guy off. When the time came, Michael sighed, grunted and  dumped a big gooey load! Click here for more Sean and Michael



Ex-military straight guy and father Adin has been escorting to make money, and since he’s willing to suck dick for cash, they gave him blonde skater Cody.  Click the picture to see the action. 



Hot, smooth bottom blond boy Phillip Aubrey always brings the sexiest Tweets – so we suggest you follow him @PhillipAubreyxxx (and make sure you say hi to us too).

And today we’ve got a roundup of his 6 hottest scenes on RocketTube!

In no particular order…

1. Phillip Aubrey gets hole plowed by Mick Gibson on

Read more



This strawberry blond named himself after the best friend of Superboy because he shares the same birthday as the comic book character. Plus, he is a super bottom. Click the picture to see more.



Tricking hunks into gay sex is only one part of the fun on It’s leaving them in the dust–chasing after the bus that make the videos go from hot to LOLz.

That’s why we have a roundup of five must-see nut-and-run moments from BaitBus:

1. Sexy straight dude Robert Axel turns gay for fast cash and fucks the hell out of a blond twink on

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Fan favorite Rob Ryder flip-flop fucks newbie Mick Hanson in an incredibly hot scene for

Things start off with the blond hot piece taking the lead–fucking Mick’s tight jock hole. Then it’s Mick’s turn–but he eats out Rob’s sweet hole before he pounds away.

Just look at him lick that hole!



Cirrus, the free-spirited blond New Age hippy farm boy with the thick cock and ripped, all-natural smooth body is back for a naked surf session on a beautiful Hawaiian beach!  Click the picture to see the action.