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Pledging can be such sweet sorrow. In this Haze Him scene, we have 3 guys doing whatever it takes to cross the burning sands. One lucky pledge gets to suck the dick of one of the guys pledging him which was a really big turn-on of sorts. Things get hotter when the same pair end up going all the way. The moans that come from the pledge are very arousing. It’s very passionate, but I wanted to see him get plowed. If you’re pledging me, fuck the shit out of me!

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You can watch the entire scene at the Haze Him website.



Imagine pledging a fraternity in which all of the members were gay. Now imagine living in the fraternity house where all of the hot, horny, ready, willing and able frat guys lived. THIS IS HEAVEN! In this scene from the guys of FraternityX, we experience a midnight snack and it’s so much more satisfying than a sandwich. One of the best things about FraternityX is that it’s bareback. That’s a bonus to the already hot guys and set-ups.

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You can watch the full scene at the FraternityX website.



When it comes to the guys of Haze Him, you really never know what you’re going to get. These frat guys make pledging fun and the antics never cease to amaze me. From naked leap frog to pledge dog shows to jerking off in a grocery store, they make sure you’re truly worthy to join their fraternity. And the pledges endure the punishment at any cost… Click the picture for more!



Imagine being in the middle of a room full of yelling frat guys who are urging you to suck the dick of another frat guy.  Sounds pretty nice if you ask me.  However, since you didn’t, this is the premise of this Haze Him scene.  Some fraternities really take you through the pledging process in ways that might really freak you out.  Sucking dick to get in seems very easy and if that’s all it takes, let’s pledge.  These scenes are both funny and very hot to watch.  It’s the epitome of the fraternity fantasy.  Click the picture for more!



Military buddies Cory, Adam and Ricky have come to San Diego to party and fuck girls, but they get so horny they opt for a group jerk off session instead–and caught all the action.

The hot 19-year-old buddies start out comparing cock size, then they look through some nudie magazines and stroke their cocks together, but that just leaves them edging. Solution? The boys decide to climb into bed together to watch porn and continue the stroke fest until they shoot loads on their abs.



RocketTube user Imrandom00 has a nice long cock, heavy set of balls and the ability to squirt cum out like he’s wielding a fire hose.

He uploaded the video to RocketTube’s amateur section and wrote: “Shooting a huge load after edging for about an hour.”

If you liked this video, be sure to catch his other cum dropping stroke here.

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Description Taken From ChaosMen:
What a sexy, sexy, SEXY dude!Dane has got long mussed up hair that has its own dynamic, yet totally works for him. I love it, and it reminds of when Teo has his hair long. He’s a chill dude, very relaxed and confident. He plays soccer and does have a nice soccer bootie. He does tend to watch the porn a lot, but for some reason, it doesn’t bother me much, maybe cuz he’s so sexy? The video reads more like a “spy on a guy” jerk off- perhaps more voyeuristic than others. His cumshot is astounding! His jack off technique is super fast, then slow pull down on all his cock skin, perhaps teasing and edging his dick to shoot. He explodes with such force that he literally has to lay down. Not much cum to look for since he shot clear across the room, but the spooge flying out is pretty amazing. Not sure he will be back for more, so better grab him while ya can!



Ok, so unless there’s something not so obvious going on, most of us use this site to help us release a little (or a lot) of tension.  But hey, just like everything else, we can sometime become bored with our own ‘personal’ sex life, otherwise known as masturbation.   While we keep plenty of fresh and new content on here, which always gives you something to bring it home with, there’s still a variety of ways to spice up your your solo sex life, because even if you have a partner, you still need that alone time once in a while!

First, try using the opposite hand. That’s right, if you’re a lefty, grab it with the right.  It will feel different and can even feel like you’re getting a hand job from a stranger, which could lead to a better orgasm.   You might also want to try flipping your hand over, upside down just as if someone else was doing it for you!

The next one we call ‘American Pie’, after the movie.  Now while we wouldn’t suggest sticking your cock inside of a pie that was baked at 350 degrees (hopefully for obvious reasons) try with a fruit.  But try a FleshJack.  If you’re on a budget, try using a banana peel, slightly, *repeat slightly* (so you don’t burn yourself) heated in the microwave, like maybe 10 seconds.  Then coat the inside of the peel with a thin layer of Vaseline.   Put it over your cock like you’re un-peeling your banana and stroke away.  You can also use fruit and veggies by cutting an opening the size of your cock.  Make sure you don’t try this one on the carpet!

If you’re a bit more reserved, try pillows.  Fold a pillow in half. Lay down on top and feed your cock into the crack between the pillows and push away.  This simulates more of in the bed missionary style sex.  Just make sure you don’t wake up the next morning with the pillow stuck to your face!

Don’t forget your boys!  That’s right, most of us have two balls, of course there were those two guys I new in college.  One had one, the other had three…they made great conversation pieces together at parties.  But back to the point.  Your ball sack is sensitive to, so try tickling it with feathers, tugging on it a little or just mess around with them as you masturbate. Your balls are part of the pleasure process too.  Don’t leave them out!  Of course that leads into nipple play.  Just do what you want to with that one!

Change positions.  Just like you would with a wild fuck buddy in bed, try different positions.  For example, if you usually lay down while bomp the bologna, then try doing it standing up and vice versa.  Try it in a chair, on your hands and knees, etc.  Again, the goal is to mix it up a bit.

There’s always something exhilarating about the great outdoors, which is our next suggestion.  Now with the modern technology of wireless, head out into your backyard at night, or day for that matter.  Find a spot outside where you can plant your seed!  This one can be a lot of fun…just use caution, you don’t want a cop finding you doing this one…unless he’s into that sort of thing and decides to join you!

Next, hire an assistant.  Let’s face it, sometimes your hand just doesn’t do the trick.  There’s a great many toys out there on the market, think about interviewing one for the position.  Many times anal stimulation during masturbation can increase your climax, so even if you’re intent on only being a top, give this one a try. A great one to start with are those little vibrating bullets.  Play around and see how it feels against your anus, balls and penis.  Let’s face it, just about anything vibrating feels good down there!

Find a friend.  Look, just because you get naked with a guy, doesn’t mean you have to fuck and suck each other.  Beware, if you have a BF, you’re gonna wanna be careful with this one and make sure you have great self control.  Make up your ground rules right from the get go.  No touching, just side by side masturbation.  It can be really hot to watch a great porn with a friend and both pleasure yourselves.  What a great bonding experience without the actual “bonding” if you catch our drift!

One last suggestion, and yes we saved the hardest for last, instead of stroking it to orgasm every time, try to bring yourself as close to orgasm as possible without busting your but, then stop.  Rinse and repeat several times.  This process is known as edging.  Doing this several times prior to release will amazingly increase your orgasm and you’ll shoot bigger loads further!

So yes, while watching porn is hot, don’t let it cut down on your own creativity. Learn to multi-task and try mixing it up while you’re watching your favorite flick!  Keep it alive!



If you’re headed back to college this fall, one thing you should seriously consider is maximizing your college experience and there’s no better way to do that then by pledging a fraternity to experience fraternal brotherhood at it’s best.

The friends you make in high school are just that, but the friends you make in college are the one’s you’ll have for a lifetime, and as a former frat boy myself, I completely understand the importance of the bond that you share with your brothers.

Of course, it looks like these frat boys are putting a new twist on the term ‘bonding’ and they sure know how to maximize the college experience.  So if you’re thinking about joining a fraternity as you go off to school this fall, find the one with the hottest guys and go for it!  Just remember, when you’re a pledge, you’re bound to have the brothers who have been initiated look at you and say “HAZE HIM“!



RocketTube fan Bonedup1955 lives up to his user name in the latest jerk off clip he uploaded to RocketTube’s amateur section.

“On cam edging my boner,”
he wrote. “Takes a lot of blood to filler up.”

The 56-year-old daddy strokes his big dick and lets his huge sack fly as he tries to keep his cock up. Click here to see his money shot. Take a look at other videos on his RocketTube channel here.

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