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Riler and Jordan make an exciting and enticing pair and as they begin to kiss it just gets more exciting from there! Once the clothes are off, Riler works his way down to Jordan’s cock, taking it in his mouth and sucking until it’s good and hard. But Jordan is itching to get his mouth around Riler’s massive uncut dick and he pushes him onto the bed so he can get a taste. He works Riler’s cock with his mouth, shoving the huge length down his throat before adjusting positions so that Jordan can get some action too. This hot pair 69s for a bit before Jordan just can’t wait and slips a condom on, lubing up before he sticks his cock deep into Riler’s tight little ass. Jordan kneels over Riler, fucking him hard and pumping him full of his hard cock as Riler takes that dick like a pro. Jordan shifts to lay on his back and Riler follows his lead, positioning himself on top and riding Jordan’s throbbing dick. Jordan sits back and enjoys the feeling of Riler bouncing up and down, burying his cock deep inside. As Riler climbs off, Jordan flips him onto his back and stands above him next to the bed, sliding his dick back into his tight hole and pounding him as Riler jerks his own cock with his hand. It’s not much longer before Jordan is pulling out, ready to cum, and they both shoot their hot load onto Riler! Click for more Riler & Jordan



Our buddy Jordano Santoro waxed nostalgic with his followers on Twitter a few days ago about some of his old videos on RocketTube.

The sexy Mexican gay porn star and erotic dancer currently has new material on his website,, but let’s take a look at the hot moments he left behind on RocketTube.

1. Muscle hunk Jordano Santoro gets a BJ, then returns the favor during a live performance in Toronto:

Read more



When I first envisioned TwelvePlay, I wanted Jordano Santoro to be featured. He’s one of those guys you really want to get to know. He’s very interesting and I was honored that he agreed to participate. Here’s his TwelvePlay.

1. When people meet you for the first time, what’s something about you that might surprise them?

My personality. I’m a really easy-going, cool, extremely fun guy and really polite. I mean for me to be a porn star!

2. Name something about you that makes you feel sexy.

My butt, totally, I just love it!

3. If you found a genie in a bottle, what would your 3 wishes be?

The first, of course, is money. Second would be to stop aging at 38 and never get older (yeah!). The third would be to always have a boyfriend. It’s so hard when you are in the porn industry to have someone by your side and so necessary.

4. What’s your favorite cocktail?

Mango martini and vodka on the rocks.

5. What’s your most embarrassing moment (or blooper) on camera?

OMG! My first scene in Toronto, Canada was with Mark Williams from Falcon. He’s huge! I could barely take it for 10 minutes and they needed 30 more minutes. I almost died! But he was really nice and at the end, I was so open. Read more



Andrew and Alex begin this sexy encounter with some very steamy kisses, Andrew laying on top of Alex, grinding against him as they explore each other’s body! Andrew doesn’t want to wait any longer though, he’s craving a taste of Alex’s big dick, and he slides down and takes Alex’s cock in his mouth. He works that dick expertly, deepthroating it and pulling it in and out of his hot mouth before climbing on top of Alex, straddling him as Alex shoves Andrew’s cock in his mouth. Andrew reaches behind him and strokes Alex’s member as Alex gives him head, moaning in pleasure as Alex slides his mouth up and down his shaft. Andrew’s ready for a different kind of pleasure, and he lubes up Alex’s ass and his own cock before sliding it inside Alex’s tight entrance. Alex holds his ass open, letting Andrew get in good and deep as the two moan, exchanging some kisses before trying a new position. Alex gets on his back and spreads his legs and Andrew can’t wait to shove his dick in again, pounding Alex deep and steady as Alex rubs his own cock. He jerks his dick fast, getting himself off with Andrew’s cock still deep inside is tight ass, busting a nut all over his stomach! Andrew pulls out and works his cock with his hand, shooting his hot load onto Alex’s waiting ass! Click for more Andrew Collins & Alex Jordan



Jordano Santoro is one of those performers who grabs your attention from the moment you see him. That’s not hard when you consider the countless things that make this guy so irresistible. He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and he’s all natural. We can’t wait for you guys to experience his TwelvePlay tomorrow. Click the picture for a preview of him in action.



Sexy Brazilian masseur Jordan’s rubs out a massive load on

The straight muscle boy pops out a nut that reaches his forehead and covers his nose. He gets an extra hand from a lucky guy behind-the-scenes who drains every drip out of his cock.



They’re broke. They’re horny. And they were going to jerk off anyway, so why not make some quick cash? That’s the thinking of straight boys Jordan and Scott, who stoke together in a hot scene for

I have to echo the words of RocketTube user Rehalford, who piped in on the comments section, “Yummy six packs and pecs! Especially like the curly-haired one!”

Cute, huh? Now just imagine that cum spilling down their abs…



If you’re a Pierre Fitch fan then you’re in luck! My buddy Pierre Fitch signed up for RocketTube today and posted a couple clips from his personal website for all of his fans. So join me in giving a big RocketTube welcome to the uber sexy Pierre Fitch!



Race Cooper and Jordano Santoro are aesthetically two of the most perfect specimens in the world of porn. Watching their silky, toned, attention-getting physiques on the screen is like capturing lightening in a bottle. You could almost watch these guys do anything because they’re so fucking sexy and they capture so many senses. In this Cocksure Men scene, the same is true as you watch them fuck. Race Cooper’s dick… Jordano’s legendary ass… It’s almost too much to handle!

Compliments of RocketTube
You can watch the full scene with all of its deliciousness at the Cocksure Men website.



Hey RocketTubers! Sexy daddies, dirty bird rough trades and sweet little twinks are the order of the day. With the heat rising everywhere, I thought it was a good idea to introduce you to some of my favorite scenes to get wet and steaming hot to on those lonely spring/summer nights.

First up is this scorching hot scene from Bang Me Sugar Daddy featuring Jordan Ashton and Preston Steel. It was like watching a dirty, sweaty slip and slide. I’m all for Preston playing the uber young daddy and giving Jordan a ride of his life and a full-on happy ending to boot. Whew!

Check the slip and slide fest out over here.

Max Ryder, one of my favorite newbies, has model good looks, a sweetness to him and a fun personality. This scene with him and Tommy Defendi is beyond smoking hot and the energy is way off the charts. I’ve always had a minor crush on Tommy and this just solidifies it.

Get so close to Tommy & Max that you can taste it over here.

Tim Kruger is one of those guys who’s just the right amount of raunch, sweat and sexy. Read more



After I watched this clip once, I played it back and realized that I’ve never really heard Preston Steel speak. Mission accomplished! Just a random thought. At any rate, in this scene, Preston shows Jordan Ashton the tool that he’s going to use to fix him. From there, Preston lays a fucking on Jordan that I’m sure left his legs wobbly at the end. Preston Steel IS porn and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

Compliments of RocketTube

You can watch the full video at the Phoenixxx website.



Jordan Fox has 9-inch twink stud Luke sucking, gagging and choking on his extra thick meat in an intense scene for

After Jordan’s twink slut finishes servicing his throbbing tool, he bends him over and abuses his tight hole.