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Bigger IS Better! That’s what we always say about COLT! They have a long tradition of finding and presenting the world’s most genuine, natural and masculine men… BIG men… Massive Men… COLT Men! We’re thrilled to present everyone on RocketTube with COLT Studio’s MASSIVE, John Rutherford’s latest COLT feature of hard hitting, powerhouse Man Sex. The name says it all. MASSIVE is about all things BIG – BIG muscles, BIG cocks and BIG rock-hard men. These are COLT Men made of steel, with bodies that inspire an “awe” reaction.

MASSIVE indulges in the appreciation of the finest and the biggest specimens of masculine manhood while experiencing them at their best… in a state of raw, all-male sexual desire at the most natural state.

Watch The Video At Colt Studios!

From start to finish, MASSIVE will overwhelm your inner senses with the sights and sounds of blazing hot man-sex. With four scenes of jaw dropping action between big and beefy studs, plus one all out demonstration of self-pleasure, MASSIVE has it all. From moments of sensuous passion and intimate man-play, to sweat flying and frenzied power fucking – big muscle addicts… your prayers have been answered.

With a title like MASSIVE you know these guys are gonna’ be BIG. Dominating the front cover is all-new COLT Man Mickey Gunz. With his bubbled butt massive shoulders and pecs and his debut in our latest Minute Man Solo Series feature TOUGH we have been flooded with emails, letters and phone calls asking for more of this guy… and we aim to please. COLT fans will get a HUGE eyeful (and handful) as Mickey Gunz and Skye Woods expose there BIG naked bodies and engage in hot muscled sex in the blazing hills of the California wine country.

MASSIVE is also the debut performance for all-new COLT Man Ricky Parks, a BIG muscled hunk with a baby face who is sure to have a HUGE fan following of his own very soon. Ricky gets double exposure as he is paired with bigger than big COLT Man Skye Woods and super-stud COLT Man Darin Hawk.

Latino muscleman Emilio Estaban also makes his debut in MASSIVE, Emilio scorches in a blistering hot exhibition of self-satisfaction. It’s a voyeur’s fantasy as Emilio has sex with the camera and you can’t help but feel the connection. Watch as Emilio shows you his muscled butt crack, uncut cock and poses for your eyes only!

And to top it all off hot and hairy studs and fan favorites, COLT Men Adam Champ and Mitch Branson give us a BANG of a finale that will leave you dripping in your own juices and in need of a shower. These two hot-n-hairy COLT Men explore each other’s hairy bodies up close and personal.

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Hung Country for Young Men

This wild tale of the “New West”, Hung Country for Young Men, stars the hot new Jet Set Men Exclusive Dylan Wood as the muscular and well-hung “Sheriff Jones”. Set colorfully in the dusty small town of weed, New Mexico, just off the I-40, the town is somewhere between Albuquerque and Amarillo. Directed by Chris Steele and written by John Tegan for Jet Set, the DVD is distributed by Marina Pacific.

This wild tale of the “New West”, Hung Country for Young Men, stars the hot new Jet Set Men Exclusive Dylan Wood as the muscular and well-hung “Sheriff Jones”. Set colorfully in the dusty small town of weed, New Mexico, just off the I-40, the town is somewhere between Albuquerque and Amarillo. Directed by Chris Steele and written by John Tegan for Jet Set, the DVD is distributed by Marina Pacific.

Sheriff Jones, in a voice-over narration, tells us that, “This is the day tat everything changed in our town”. A drifter (Rocky Houston) arrives in town on a Trailways Bus, gets off for a brief bathroom break, and somehow misses getting back on. He’s a “wanted man” in Weed, having stolen odd items from various houses around town. The Sheriff nabs him and throws his ass in jail. As the movie begins, the Sheriff is throwing a Rowdy (Kyle York) into jail for smashing bottles at the roadhouse and hitting, as luck would have it, the Sheriff himself. He, too, is marched off to jail by the Sheriff, but the one-bed cell already has an occupant – the Drifter. The two “fugitives” check each other out and, at the Drifter’s suggestion, they decide to flip a coin for possession of the mattress. But the Drifter, who wins the toss offers to share it. They settle down on the bed and immediately begin to play with each other. The Drifter kisses his bedmate and gets his dick out. The “ever-horny” Sheriff, who’s watching the two from the outside cell, allows his hormones to take over to take over and comes in to make it a 3-way. He drops his pants and gets the Rowdy to suck on him. But when the Sheriff is occupied getting it on, the Drifter steals the keys and sneaks off, locking the two in the cell behind him.Since no one will find them until morning, the Sheriff decides to make the best of a bad situation and spend the night having wild sex with the Rowdy. The Rowdy goes back to blowing the Sheriff, and the Sheriff returns the favor. The Sheriff is now out of his clothes, and the Rowdy has thrown his shirt off. The Sheriff sucks his captive bent over the bed, and then on his back. The Rowdy jacks himself off as his getting pounded, and the viewer gets a great view of the Sheriff’s hot muscular ass as he does so. The Rowdy cums on himself. The Sheriff follows suit and shoots his load.

The next morning at the Roadhouse Saloon, as the Bartender (Tyler Saint) is setting up his bar, a horny beer delivery guy (Tommy Blade) appears and wastes no time in coming onto him. As they kiss and start to get out of their clothes, it’s obvious that something has been going on between these two. The Bartender seizes the opportunity, and the two head off to a stock room to have sex. Their shirts come off displaying muscular bodies. The Bartender settles on a stool as the Delivery guy sucks his beautiful big dick. The Delivery guy works his way out of his clothes as he sucks on his friend. His dick is so long and thick, the delivery guy can only go down on it so far. Both are now naked and ready for the main event. The Delivery guy kneels on a couch to get his ass rimmed and really worked on. Then, he offers his butt up for fucking, and the Bartender pushes his thick dick in. The Delivery guy moves back and forth to literally fuck himself like a jackrabbit on the bartender’s hot cock. Then he flips over to take the Bartender’s ramming his dick down into his ass, providing the videographer some great shots of the fucking action. The Delivery guy drops his load on his own stomach, and the Bartender beats his dick to shoot over his friend.

Later that night at the Roadhouse Saloon, the Sheriff is kicking back with a beer and dumping his woes on the Bartender. Hes worried about keeping his job, since he already has a DUI on his record. The Bartender tells him not to worry. “You know what they say about the Sheriff, you always get your man”. The Sheriff comes on to the Bartender, but puts him off saying, ” you aren’t ready for me yet.” Across the way , two guys (Trystian Sweet and Rod Daily) are playing pool. It ends when Trystian wins and his boyfriend Rod stalks off to the men’s room to take a piss. Kevin Cavalli who has cruising Rod from the bar, follows him. There’s only one urinal, so Kevin stands to the side, just waiting and watching. Finished, but with his dick still in hand, Rod turns to get Kevin, and they both start jacking off. Kevin drops to his knees to give rod head and continue working his own dick. There’s a bale of hay with a blanket thrown over it stashed in the room, so they take advantage and sit on it. After a while, they reverse positions and Rod sucks on Kevin. Trystian comes in and catches his boyfriend Rod having sex with some cock sucking stranger. But, not being one to pass up hot sex, he immediately loses his clothes and joins in. Kevin lies on the table to continue to get sucked by Rod while he gets face fucked by Trystian. Kevin lies being the center of things as he turns over to get fucked by Rod. Trystian wants to get in on the fucking action too, so he moves behind Rod and makes it a 3-way train fuck. Kevin next fucks Rod over the bale while he sucks on Trystian. Rod turns over to jack off and the others jack off over him. Both Kevin and Trystian cum on Rod causing him to add to the pool of cum.

As the night ends, it’s obvious that the Sheriff has had too much to drink. The Bartender discovers the Drifter hiding out in his stock room and turns over to the Sheriff, who wants to “teach him a lesson”. He tells the Bartender to go on home and leave him there with his captive. The Bartender tosses him the keys and leaves the two behind. The Drifter goes down on the Sheriff and sucks on him. As he’s getting a blow job, he gets out of his clothes. The Sheriff is obviously attracted to the Drifter and lets him know that he’s “finally doing something right”. The Sheriff then sucks the Drifter’s dick. The Sheriff wants his ass, and fucks the Drifter spread out on the pool table, showing off his awesome ass again. The Sheriff then fucks the Drifter on his stomach, working hard to get it in. He shoots his own thick white cum all over the Drifter’s leg , who then spurts his own load. Exhausted, the Sheriff passes out , naked and face down on the pool table. Once again the Drifter escapes. The voice over narration picks up again. “What did I learn that day,” the sheriff asks? “Don’t let your dick think for you. Don’t drink in front of pretty boys. And never trust a Drifter with a cute ass.” These sound like lessons he could easily unlearn, when the next opportunity arises.

Starring: Dylan Wood, Tommy Blade, Kevin Cavalli, Rod Daily, Rocky Houston, Tyler Saint, Trystian Sweet, and Kyle York.

Watch Hung Country For Young Men by Jet Set Men!



If you’re a fan of JetSetMen’s amazing videos and/or ripped muscle men flexing their muscles working and playing on the ranch then this news should be right up you’re alley! JetSetMen has just completed filming (August 23, 2008 if you must know) of their upcoming video Muscle Mountain… And let me just tell ya, from what I’ve seen it is AMAZING!!

Muscle Mountain stars Derec Stone as a mountain rancher who gets into a dispute with a rival rancher played by Lucky Daniels, a voyeuristic “jack rabbit” who spies on Derec’s handsome staff of seven hunky ranch hands and ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for in the process.

Muscle Mountain marks the directorial debut of Jet Set Men’s own John Tegan, who also wrote the script, his third this year for Jet Set Men. Hung Country for Young Men and Jock Tease (co-written by Chris Steele) are the others. This is the first made-for-DVD appearance of both Derek Diamond and Jeremy Bilding.

Director and Writer John Tegan says “I was thrilled to sit in the Director’s chair for the first time. While I was confident of my abilities, I was also happy to have Chris Steele’s guidance, Charles Stevens’ steady hand at the camera, and a terrific cast and crew, all of whom helped make it go smoothly.”

Jet Set Head Honcho Chris Steele: “John has produced so many great movies for us over the past few years, including Big Dick Society and Ass Cruisin’ with Aaron James, that I knew he was ready to take the lead creative role and direct for the first time.”

The wrap on Muscle Mountain comes just days before the September 1 release of Jet Set’s latest movie, Jock Tease, co-written by Tegan and Chris Steele, who also directed the movie, and a little over a month before the release of Steele’s pool-side sex flick SLIDE, also starring Derec Stone, Marcus Steele and David Dakota.

Muscle Mountain is currently set to be released by Jet Set Men in November.



They boast more than 80 million fans–and it’s easy to see why. Maverick Men duo Cole and Hunter are not only sexy, but they know how to bring LOLz too.

Just check out this cheeky snap from their website:

So we’ve put together a roundup of some of their hottest clips on RocketTube.

You can see more of their ass banging adventures on the Maverick Men RocketTube video channel here.

Don’t forget to visit their website and add them on Twitter @TheMaverickMen

In no particular order…

1. The boys turn a horny hung top into a bottom on

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ON FIRE!, the new DVD from Jet Set Men, accomplishes the almost impossible task of creating a believably realistic background of firefighting, its training and day-to-day activities, as a setting for a gay sexual fantasy. Outside of sports, firefighting is the last profession that demands truly physically fit men. Co-directors Chris Steele and Chad Donovan depict the firefighters’ real world and superimpose a gay male fantasy on top of it, one in which all the firemen are muscular studs, well-hung and “on fire” – eager to have hot sex with one another.

As the film begins, we see guys from the Jet Set Township Fire Department – young men in training, working out on a hillside, rolling hoses, jogging down the road, getting both the encouragement and discipline of their superiors. The combination of young recruits and their more seasoned superiors create a realistic atmosphere. Footage from actual fire scenes are interspersed with the new to set the stage for the action to come.

Scene 1 – (Jet Set Men Exclusive) Aaron James, Nathan Sommers, (Mr. Gay Argentina) Max Schutler, Guy Parker & C.J. Madison in the shower room.
Back at the firehouse, we see three guys naked in a group shower, beautiful asses to the camera and totally exposed to one another. Aaron, Nathan and Max are washing off the sweat and grime of the day, giving special attention to those great butts and their growing erections. Three-way action begins but is interrupted by the entrance of the young Captain, Guy Parker. A quick glance at the situation, and he joins the action as well. He falls to his knees to suck Max’s dick. This foursome is soon interrupted by another superior officer, C.J. Madison, who has the biggest dick of all. The five go eagerly at it with no thought of possibly getting “caught”. It’s not a consideration. The five suck, rim indulge in ass play and fuck – a dazzling display of manhood. You hate to see them cum to an end, which they inevitably do, with everyone shooting on Aaron, who is stretched out on the floor. When he finally releases his load, the scene is definitely over.

The movie briefly cuts away to the Chief Dean Phoenix going through the recruits’ files and thinking about a very special one, (Jet Set Men Exclusive) Jesse Santana. It holds the promise of a future relationship.

Scene 2 – Jason Reddick & Jonathan Lowe in the truck garage.
Cadet Jonathan is stripped to the waist and washing the truck they had out that afternoon. Jason picks up a hose to playfully shoot water on his back as a sexual come-on. Jonathan complains but likes the attention and leads Jason to the back of the truck. Jonathon lifts him up to stand on the bumper. Jason’s shirt comes off and his pants come down so that Jonathan can give him a great blow job. Jason gets big and hard quickly. Jonathan, who’s dropped his pants, is working his own dick. Jonathan aggressively turns Jason around to rim his hot ass, tonguing it deeply. Now sitting on the bumper, Jason goes down on Jonathan. They both have great dicks. Jonathan sits on Jason’s and rides it, his own dick bobbing up and down in the air between his legs. Both guys’ balls are hanging down as Jason rams his dick into the young cadet. Then standing, Jason shoves it into him doggie style. Finally they sit on the tail of the truck, jack-off and cum – first Jason and then Jonathan.

Scene 3 – (Jet Set Men Exclusive) Sebastian Young, Braxton Bond & Jeremy Hall in a bunk-style dormitory
Recruit Braxton is in a top bunk, asleep but showing a big erection. Sebastian and Jeremy, putting down the “fucking cadet”, surprise and hold him from moving with a blanket stretched across his bed. Jeremy leaps up to the top bunk to feed Braxton his hard dick and make him deep throat it, sucking on his dick and balls. Sebastian is amazed at Braxton’s reaction. “He likes it,” he says. “He fucking likes it!” Soon, the three are naked, and Sebastian is kneeling on the top bunk with his ass thrust out to get rimmed by Jeremy, who is, in turn, standing on the floor. Jeremy is getting rimmed by Braxton, who is at the bottom of the chain, kneeling on the floor. Then Sebastian fucks Braxton, who’s now on his back on a bunk, sucking on Jeremy. Soon Braxton, legs in the air, is getting fucked by Jeremy while he simultaneously sucks on Sebastian. Jeremy has a really long dick, but it fits all the way in. Then Jeremy sucks on Sebastian as he turns his attention to Braxton’s ass. The camera catches a hot shot of Jeremy pounding Braxton from the rear, driving his dick into his ass. Braxton then sits on Jeremy which allows Sebastian to wedge his dick in on top of Jeremy’s for a double penetration. “It’s so fucking tight” moans Sebastian as they begin a long go at pounding Braxton’s ass. Finally, both Sebastian and Jeremy jack off and cum on Braxton, Jeremy shooting on one of his shoulders and Sebastian on the other. As Braxton jacks off to cum, Sebastian and Jeremy reach over him to kiss.

New recruit Jesse is trying to sleep, but thoughts of Dean Phoenix keep him awake. Only too soon, it’s morning and the recruits are outside and hard at work – ladder climbing and sliding back down, carrying equipment, climbing a tower, etc. Soon they’re all back at the firehouse and sitting in anticipation around a table. They’re told that they all passed and. “Welcome aboard!” Suddenly, in the midst of their celebrating, they are plunged into action, responding to a five alarm fire. At this point there is an effective blending of staged and real fire scene footage While fighting the blaze, Jesse suffers injuries and has to be carried out of the fire. Dean takes over his recovery.

Scene 4 – (Jet Set Men Exclusive) Jesse Santana & Dean Phoenix
Back at the firehouse, Dean gets him back to his room to nurse his wounds. He gently lays him on the bed and cleans his wounds, kissing him when he can. Some time passes, and the two are seen stripped down to their shorts on the bed. Jesse’s head is now wrapped in a bandage. There is more kissing, and Jesse’s hand moves to Dean’s crotch. Jesse is apparently recovering quickly. He maneuvers on top of Dean, licking Dean’s nipples and going for Dean’s dick. He bites the foreskin and sucks on the ever-hardening head and shaft. Dean is spread eagle on the bed, his dick now erect at 8½ inches, hard and thick. Jesse’s got his cock out as well and jacks off at the same time. He’s not in a hurry and takes his time. Jesse sits on Dean and rides his dick. Jesse jacks off and gets more and more excited. The sight of the two cocks doing their work is awesome. Dean pounds Jesse, power fucking his ass from beneath. Dean slides to the side to continue fucking him. Eventually, Dean slides totally around to face Jesse, ‘although still on his back. He grabs onto Jesse’s big dick and jacks him off until he shoots. Then Dean jacks himself off and shoots his own load. Kissing again, they fall back on to the bed exhausted in each other’s arms.



Who doesn’t love a hot man in the shower…. especially when he looks like Nash, the new guy over at! Whoa, the naughty things I would do to that boy! LOL According to Jasun post on JUB, “Nash is your typical Big Man On Campus/Jock/All-around-nice-guy type from New England.” Anyone up for a quick trip back to college? ;)

Click here to check out the MANY hot studs from and click here to check out more movies from fratmen and fratpad on!



With the skyrocketing gas prices we’re sure that a great many of you guys are going to be spending your 4th of July close to home… But that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be a hot (and dirty) holiday weekend! To help get you in the mood for a weekend in debauchery and sin I’ve decided to feature some of the hot young studs stroking their meat over at this weekend! That’s right! These naughty cam studs are stroking, sucking, fucking tricks and way more this weekend over at… And as you’ll see when you check out the videos they’ve posted on the site, it’s wonderfully hot, dirty and cheaper then those 3 gallons of gas it would take to drive over to the fireworks! ;)

P.S. Have a web cam and naughty streak? Post your videos on today! Its fun, hot and 100% free!



My buddy TitanBill over at Titan Men posted a great little behind the scenes clip from their movie Double Standard… And let me tell ya, those Titan Men are looking H-O-T HOT BABY! Damn! I don’t know how they do it, but they need to keep it up!

Ever wonder what goes on at your apartment building with the repairmen and building managers while you’re at work? Well, if your building is like this one, you’d probably be calling in sick more often! Directed by Brian Mills, Double Standard stars TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, François Sagat, Rick van Sant and Diesel Washington along with five other hot and hung studs.



And now for something completely different! Straight lad Deano fancies getting into adult video to satisfy his exhibitionist side and to have lots of sex – with women! On his first shoot (this one) he finds himself surrounded by gay men who are asking him to show his arse and cum for them, which is something he’s never done before and it’s quite strange… but Deano’s up for a laugh and he likes the attention, and after a while he’s giving an intense performance and loving the lens.



Those dirty devils over at Titan Men just posted a fun little featuring Titan Men Exclusive Francois Sagat showing the world that he can infact multitask and he’s not a bad lip singer either! 2 skills I personally think everyone should have in today’s uncertain times. High five Francois! lol Don’t forget to show my buddies at Titan Men (and Francois) some love by checking out Titan Men On-Demand!

p.s. he is also one hell of a dancer. ;)



Imagine…a handsome hunk relaxing on the beach, a morning jogger, an unsuspecting repairman…none of them saw it coming. But when an igniting force meets an irresistible object, all are Thrust into a torrid encounter beyond their control. Nothing less than a series of seducers—led by TitanMen exclusives Leo Alarcon, Francois Sagat and Christopher Saint—probe deep and hard in this pulse-pounder from award-winning director Brian Mills.

Relaxing on the beach, Viktor Jones is distracted by runner Francois Sagat. Their heart rates—and their huge uncut cocks—soar even higher in the rain-filled forest.

While stretching after his morning jog, Christopher Saint is admired by Tristan Jaxx. After an oral exchange, Saint tightens his toned hole around the top’s sizeable slab.

Copier repairman Leo Alarcon can’t believe his eyes as businessmen Ethan Wolfe and Dakota Rivers engage in some extracurricular office activity. The stroking voyeur is soon brought into the action as an unforgettable threesome ensues.

Check out the clip of a Titanmen video below then Thrust yourself over to Titanmen to get your copy of Thrust on DVD and Blu-ray™!



It’s evening in Glasgow and Tyler returns home to an empty apartment. He’s admiring the view through binoculars, as you do, when something catches his eye. Zooming in, he’s treated to a show he won’t forget in a hurry from the couple who live opposite. They’re all over each other and in their passion haven’t thought to close the blinds. Tyler watches as they strip and suck each other, and he starts playing with his own dick. Soon all three are naked and working up a storm. When Shane has blown, and Tyson finally unloads copiously in thick, hot jets onto Shane’s face and it’s dribbling down his neck in a river of cum, Tyler can hold back no more and he lies back and lets go of his own pent-up load, coating his stomach in sweet smelling juice. Watch the full movie today at!