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Only in New York perhaps, but I’ve got to say, with all the gay porn I’ve seen, this is the first time I’ve ever seen two red heads getting down and dirty with each other.


But, as the story has it, Ben had been lusting after Josh, the Ginger Giant ever since he first appeared on NYSM, and Josh agreed to let Ben worship and service him.

Ben starts off by licking and sucking Josh’s sculpted pecs and nipples, Then he worked his way down between Josh’s legs ready to suck his cock, but Josh had another idea. He lifted up his leg and instructed Ben to rim his ass first, and without hesitation, Ben had his tongue deep inside.


It should go without saying, but just in case, Josh dumped his big load as a result of Ben’s hard work. Ben calls it a labor of love. We call it “red hot”!

Watch how Ben services on the clip below and Get more at!



What could be hotter watching a little redneck str8 boy stroking his cock! Not a damn thing! lol Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out Straight Fraternity to download the full video! :)



One of our favorite little bottom boys Aaron Summer is back and this time he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Red’s huge, uncut cock is a sight for sore eyes and Aaron soon finds out Red’s dick makes for a sore ass, too. First he worships Red’s thick meat, then he takes every inch like a man before he gets to the creamy filling. Click for more Red & Aaron Summer 



I’m not a huge fan of solo videos, but when I witnessed the specimen within this Broke Straight Boys scene, I was immediately hooked. I had to see more! Spencer Todd is one of the sexiest gingers that I’ve seen in a long time. There’s something about that pale skin, those red pubes and freckles that drive me insane. The camera loves him from every angle and he’s fully aware too. He gives a small strip tease before he gets down to business and when you see his ass, you’ll be fully invested in him. Check out Spencer and let me know what you think.

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You can watch the full ginger action at the Broke Straight Boys website. Check out more of their stash on the Broke Straight Boys RocketTube channel.



Let’s send warm wishes–and warm loads–to sexy fire crotch Steven Ponce, who is basking in birthday glow today!

And to celebrate, let’s take a look at the best three ass pounding moments from “the only red hair Puerto Rican porn star.”

In our roundup we have a rare topping performance where Steven owns bottom boy Ajay’s ass on, then take a look at Steven getting stuffed by Girth Brooks’ massive meat on, and finally, check out Alex Mercedes deep dicking Steven in a scene for that was filmed during his birthday weekend last year.

Best wishes to him–and may the candle he blows out tonight squirts something right back at him!

Oh, and make sure you add him on Twitter @StevenPoncePr and send him your love.


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Bubble butt ginger boy Majik10 had a hot bareback fuck session in a park — and he uploaded the sexy video to RocketTube’s amateur section.

The horny redhead says he was “banged by hot twink,” and provides the ultimate close-up point of view.

Don’t miss his video channel to see more of his bareback adventures.



Frank1970 says he had nothing to do–so he decided to fuck his buddy and record it, then he uploaded it to RocketTube’s amateur section!

“Bored one day my friend and I decided to make a sex video,” he wrote.

Check out the hot romp and leave him some love in the comments section.



We have a roundup of six sexy ginger porn stars–and we want to know which fire crotch is your favorite.  Watch their videos, add them on Twitter (us too) and vote in our RocketTube viewer poll!
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RT_10_09_13 copy

An episode of firsts, twists and turns… Sometimes your best plans for a shoot are thrown off the rails by the spontaneous and unexpected. This scene, as you will see, has a succession of these. We have been testing the waters recently with Alec about bottoming, but he has never put anything up his ass before and has been quite nervous about the idea.

Our first surprise of the day occurred when he arrived for the shoot. He told us that he wanted to take his first steps with anal play. So Christian, being the gentle giant that he is, offered to help out and, suddenly, being the good bottom he is, he became the mentor. He volunteered to do some anal play with toys and see where that would lead Alec.

After some initial petting and stripping on the bed, both guys had their turn at sucking some cock. Alec started by nibbling at Christian’s big dick through his underwear before prying them off of our Titan. Then Christian reciprocated. This is when Christian offered to pry Alec’s butthole open with a string of anal beads. Alec was both excited and horrified at the prospect as you can see in his facial expressions. Christian started gently inserting the string of beads, making his way down to the larger ones that we could hear pop in and out of Alec’s ass one by one. You could tell that Alec was struggling with the larger ones. He shook his head from side to side at one point and this guy, whose dick is usually always hard while having sex, went limp.

Try as he may, he couldn’t take it further on that day. So from there, Alec went into familiar territory and started eating out Christian’s ass before standing and rubbing his bone-hard dick along that massive ass crack. He then started poking his dick at Christian’s hole before wrapping it in a rubber and plunging in for a good slow fuck.

Christian was clearly enjoying this attention. But it is always a challenge for the guy fucking him to get in deep as his massive butt cheeks can limit the depth of penetration from his top. Note to the Casting Director: Find long dicked hunks to fuck Christian’s ass!!

After a good fucking, the guys positioned themselves for their cum shots. This is where the unexpected again occurred. Christian was the first to shoot his load when he stood up above Alec’s head and dropped a sizeable load on his partner’s face. Alec then took the cock in his mouth, swallowing cum and sucking a spent dick for the first time ever. Maybe it was an effort at compensating for his inability to take a cock up his ass, or maybe not. Regardless, he definitely did a bang up job of lapping up Christian’s hot cum. Then Christian went on to suck Alec to bring him to climax. What happened next was also quite unexpected. Alec was getting close to cumming when Christian shoved his face sideways in Alec’s cock range receiving long streams of white cum in his face when Alec shot his load. Monkey see, monkey do; he also went on to suck his partner’s spent cock, mouthing cum for his first time. Click for more Christian & Alec






Wouldn’t it just be a GREAT day to take a ride on your bike, stop along the way when you see some hot stud just looking for some action, rip your clothes off, throw down a blanket and throw down?
Well, if you’re like most of the U.S. right now, you’re in a place where it’s just a bit too cold outside to do that…and being that it’s Monday, chances are even if it was warm enough, you’d be too busy earning a paycheck to take such a nice break.

So, for all of you who are stuck in, either because of work, the cold weather or both here’s you a video to take it all away…at least for a bit, you can live vicariously through the hot boys of Brazil from Brazilian Studz!



I have to admit, I’m not a huge personal fan of Jake Cruise, simply because it’s usually some hot guy getting serviced by the daddy, but when I say this, I have to say it warmed me up a bit!

Bo Dean and Niko Reeves are hanging out in the green room killing a little time before their upcoming shoots with the old guy and decide there’s no better way to kill time then to fuck!

Bo picks up Niko and carries him off to the bed so they can get comfortable. After sucking Bo’s cock Niko spreads so Bo can pound his tight hole. Niko is one of the hottest bottoms in the industry and I will also admit, I’ve lived vicariously through Bo!