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Inked muscle fuck machine Ricky Sinz has got some of the hottest ass pounding scenes around. So that’s why we’re taking a look at his 10 must-see videos on RocketTube.

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In no particular order…

1. It’s a horny sandwich of ass-bangin’ when Steve Cruz, Ricky Sinz and Logan McCree get together on

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Bigger IS Better! That’s what we always say about COLT! They have a long tradition of finding and presenting the world’s most genuine, natural and masculine men… BIG men… Massive Men… COLT Men! We’re thrilled to present everyone on RocketTube with COLT Studio’s MASSIVE, John Rutherford’s latest COLT feature of hard hitting, powerhouse Man Sex. The name says it all. MASSIVE is about all things BIG – BIG muscles, BIG cocks and BIG rock-hard men. These are COLT Men made of steel, with bodies that inspire an “awe” reaction.

MASSIVE indulges in the appreciation of the finest and the biggest specimens of masculine manhood while experiencing them at their best… in a state of raw, all-male sexual desire at the most natural state.

Watch The Video At Colt Studios!

From start to finish, MASSIVE will overwhelm your inner senses with the sights and sounds of blazing hot man-sex. With four scenes of jaw dropping action between big and beefy studs, plus one all out demonstration of self-pleasure, MASSIVE has it all. From moments of sensuous passion and intimate man-play, to sweat flying and frenzied power fucking – big muscle addicts… your prayers have been answered.

With a title like MASSIVE you know these guys are gonna’ be BIG. Dominating the front cover is all-new COLT Man Mickey Gunz. With his bubbled butt massive shoulders and pecs and his debut in our latest Minute Man Solo Series feature TOUGH we have been flooded with emails, letters and phone calls asking for more of this guy… and we aim to please. COLT fans will get a HUGE eyeful (and handful) as Mickey Gunz and Skye Woods expose there BIG naked bodies and engage in hot muscled sex in the blazing hills of the California wine country.

MASSIVE is also the debut performance for all-new COLT Man Ricky Parks, a BIG muscled hunk with a baby face who is sure to have a HUGE fan following of his own very soon. Ricky gets double exposure as he is paired with bigger than big COLT Man Skye Woods and super-stud COLT Man Darin Hawk.

Latino muscleman Emilio Estaban also makes his debut in MASSIVE, Emilio scorches in a blistering hot exhibition of self-satisfaction. It’s a voyeur’s fantasy as Emilio has sex with the camera and you can’t help but feel the connection. Watch as Emilio shows you his muscled butt crack, uncut cock and poses for your eyes only!

And to top it all off hot and hairy studs and fan favorites, COLT Men Adam Champ and Mitch Branson give us a BANG of a finale that will leave you dripping in your own juices and in need of a shower. These two hot-n-hairy COLT Men explore each other’s hairy bodies up close and personal.

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Ricky Sinz is the reason to watch this Bound in Public scene! I want to yell that from the highest mountain. First of all, Bound in Public action is so intense and unbearable, yet at the same time, you can’t look way. It’s all about control and Ricky Sinz and his friends give poor little Holden Phillips a fantasy to remember. He is completely owned in this scene. Watching Ricky fuck the shit out of Phillip while taunting him makes this scene worthy of watching from beginning to end.

Compliments of RocketTube

You can watch the full scene at the Bound In Public website. Also make sure you check out the Bound In Public RocketTube channel.



I have a confession! I think this tattooed chiseled body is hot as hell and it makes me want to do very bad things…LOL! Meet Ricky Sinz from Bad Puppy.

Check him out as he jerks his meat to completion for your guilty pleasure! Ricky Sinz is sure to bring you to your knees and beg forgiveness more!



Straight boys Alexander Greene and Ricky Larkin make an ass pounding debut on

The newcomers are fast learners as they gag on each other’s thick cock. After some meat worshiping, Ricky gets so horny that he needs to pop Alexander’s cherry — and he’s more than happy to oblige.



Now this is one of the most hilarious things I’ve read on the internet in a while.  It would appear as though John McCain, yup, the guy who ran against President Obama in 2008 was trying to show off his technological savvy and in the process ended up with his pic on a gay website called!

According to a post at Phoenix New Times Blog:

McCain’s image was found on a gay porn Web site called Guys With iPhones (careful clicking, there’s a lot of dong on that page) over the weekend.

Guys With iPhones is a site where men post photos they take of themselves while clutching their iPhones. In many cases, however, those men are often naked and clutching their junk, too.

McCain (thankfully) is fully clothed in his pic, and how the image came to find its way onto a gay porn site is almost as funny as seeing Arizona’s senior senator’s image grouped in with hundreds of naked, gay men — all dawning that come-hither stare.

Apparently, in an attempt to show voters how hip he truly is, McCain used his iPhone to take a photo of himself for his Twitter page to prove that he actually knows how to use the iPhone.

Because there is currently no “app” to directly upload photos from the iPhone to Guys With iPhones, images need to be submitted by email or be directly uploaded to the site from a computer, which makes it easy to submit just about any picture someone can find on the internet.

The McCain camp insists that ”The Maverick” isn’t the one who posted the photo, but rather someone took the image from his Twitter page and submitted it without his knowledge.

Looks like if it’s not spending money on Lesbian Strippers, it’s guys with iPhones giving the GOP a run for their money!



Madman Ricky Sinz torments innocent campers deep in the woods.  Click the picture to see them in action.



Just when you think Bound In Public can out-do itself along comes this scene. Titled “The Annihilation of Sebastian Keys,” it’s being promoted as “the most extreme KinkMen shoot EVER!” Guess what, they aren’t lying! Sebastian Keys has gotten himself in a boatload of trouble by trying to play a toy cop in a bathroom full of freaky, horny men. What happens next is so extreme… so shocking… so kinky… you might not be ready. Candle wax, piss, fisting, double penetration and more await you. Click the picture for a preview.



If only all sports were like this. Four guys embark upon a tennis match and the losers must suck the winner’s dicks. Sounds like my type of tennis game. Between Kyle Quinn, Cameron Foster, Ricky Larkin and Cal Parker, you know you’re in for a treat. This is truly a situation where everyone wins.  This is the type of scene that is known for and we love it!

Compliments of RocketTube

You can watch the full scene at Check out other videos at the RocketTube channel.



So Thanksgiving is over and you’re probably still stuffing your face with left over turkey, but don’t forget, it’s the dark meat that has the most flava!

Just like Lil’ Ricky from Southern Strokes. This guy is sure to make a great sandwich or anything else you’d like to make with him and he’s full of protein.

So fuck the pumpkin pie for your sweet after dinner treat, have some chocolate…he’s young, he’s fine and he’s better than wine!



Ricky from Gay Asian Twinks arrives home from a hard day at work to find the bed covered in rose pedals in the shape of a heart. He forgot it was Valentines day. His lover enters after finishing a shower and there’s nothing left to do but celebrate this lover’s holiday with a nice sexy suck and fuck evening. There’s no better way to unwind after work!



What happens when Tony Buff and Chris Yosef are instructed to teach you a lesson? For Preston Steel, the answer is simple – enemy play. In this scene from Naked Sword, he’s forced to endure enema play while at the same time sucking dick. Enema play can be tricky, but Preston Steel does it best. He keeps his mouth and ass full. This is why we love him! This scene features 3 freaks at the top of their game. It really doesn’t get any better.

Compliments of RocketTube

You can watch the full freak fest at the Naked Sword website. There are also other clips on the Naked Sword RocketTube channel.