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In this scene by the guys at Phoenixxx, Preston Steel proves that sex is never lost in translation as he fucks his German tutor silly. His tutor (played by Timo Garrett) wasn’t expecting to get schooled in the art of sex, but it’s a good thing he brought his A-game. This scene is classic Preston Steel. He’s one of those performers that we love anytime we see him because we know he’s going to get us hard and get us off. He’s yet to disappoint.

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You can watch the full clip at the Phoenixxx website. You can also check out other scenes using the Phoenixxx RocketTube channel.



Bigger IS Better! That’s what we always say about COLT! They have a long tradition of finding and presenting the world’s most genuine, natural and masculine men… BIG men… Massive Men… COLT Men! We’re thrilled to present everyone on RocketTube with COLT Studio’s MASSIVE, John Rutherford’s latest COLT feature of hard hitting, powerhouse Man Sex. The name says it all. MASSIVE is about all things BIG – BIG muscles, BIG cocks and BIG rock-hard men. These are COLT Men made of steel, with bodies that inspire an “awe” reaction.

MASSIVE indulges in the appreciation of the finest and the biggest specimens of masculine manhood while experiencing them at their best… in a state of raw, all-male sexual desire at the most natural state.

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From start to finish, MASSIVE will overwhelm your inner senses with the sights and sounds of blazing hot man-sex. With four scenes of jaw dropping action between big and beefy studs, plus one all out demonstration of self-pleasure, MASSIVE has it all. From moments of sensuous passion and intimate man-play, to sweat flying and frenzied power fucking – big muscle addicts… your prayers have been answered.

With a title like MASSIVE you know these guys are gonna’ be BIG. Dominating the front cover is all-new COLT Man Mickey Gunz. With his bubbled butt massive shoulders and pecs and his debut in our latest Minute Man Solo Series feature TOUGH we have been flooded with emails, letters and phone calls asking for more of this guy… and we aim to please. COLT fans will get a HUGE eyeful (and handful) as Mickey Gunz and Skye Woods expose there BIG naked bodies and engage in hot muscled sex in the blazing hills of the California wine country.

MASSIVE is also the debut performance for all-new COLT Man Ricky Parks, a BIG muscled hunk with a baby face who is sure to have a HUGE fan following of his own very soon. Ricky gets double exposure as he is paired with bigger than big COLT Man Skye Woods and super-stud COLT Man Darin Hawk.

Latino muscleman Emilio Estaban also makes his debut in MASSIVE, Emilio scorches in a blistering hot exhibition of self-satisfaction. It’s a voyeur’s fantasy as Emilio has sex with the camera and you can’t help but feel the connection. Watch as Emilio shows you his muscled butt crack, uncut cock and poses for your eyes only!

And to top it all off hot and hairy studs and fan favorites, COLT Men Adam Champ and Mitch Branson give us a BANG of a finale that will leave you dripping in your own juices and in need of a shower. These two hot-n-hairy COLT Men explore each other’s hairy bodies up close and personal.

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Want to know the best way to take two cocks at once? Have a question about the right lube to use for oral? Then you’ve come to the right place! My pal J.Son from has chosen RocketTube to launch his latest show titled, “Bath Time Sex Advice”. Starting in September RocketTube visitors can submit their deepest darkest sex question(s) to J.Son by email and get them answered right here on in his weekly video updates!

J.Son has been involved with a wide range of interesting projects including being asked by MTV to be the sex-pert for the Real World Vegas Reunion series where he taught the ladies of the Real World fun sex games and writing and starring in a new web-series called “The Adventures of Maria!”. (New episodes will be coming out soon, co-written by some of today’s top stand up comedians from around the country.) So make sure to check back often to check out J.Son’s informative and hot advice column exclusively at RocketTube!



Today marks the end of 43 years of pulse-pounding, cliffhanger-ready, unforgettable drama in the fictional city of Llanview. When the lights go out for the last time in the world of One Life To Live, we’re hoping that the sexy men of this legendary daytime soap don’t fade to black as well. This week, we’ve been counting down the 5 sexiest men of Llanview. Today’s #1 pick should be no surprise. He’s sexy on screen, but he’s even sexier off screen. His nonchalant, go with the flow attitude makes him our sexiest choice and he does it without effort. The sexiest man of One Life To Live is John-Paul Lavoisier who portrays Rex Balsom. We can’t wait to see what he does next! Congrats John-Paul!



Is sex better than some good weed or is good weed better than sex?  That’s the age old question that many of us ponder anytime we indulge.  In this Dark Thunder scene, the question is thrown out of the window because why settle for one when you can have both?  Santana Delacuze and Intrigue partake in nature’s miracle grass and then Intrigue gets in that ass.  Click the picture for more!



There’s something about the rush that people love having sex outdoors. That’s exactly what you’re going to see in this update of OutInPublic. Dee and Justin meet up at the lake for some fishing. That didn’t last long. You smell the sex in the air. They wanted to fucked each other. They ditch fishing and began sucking each others dick. Taking turns fucking each other in the ass. Wow! Now that’s a fishing trip. Click for more Big Daddy 




Rudy and Tomm met up at the lake for some fun in the sun. This so called fun in the sun turned into something else. They docked the boat and began sucking each other off as others passed by on their boats. They didn’t care. One thing led to another and they were fucking in public sight. These muscular dudes had anal sex. Not just anal sex but good hard fucking. Big cock slamming inside a firm wet asshole on beautiful day by the water. Click for more from Rudy and Tomm



Unfortunately there are risks involved with sex. Sometimes I find it amazing how having sex, something that brings us so much pleasure, can also bring us very difficult times. I suppose it’s much like anything else, indulgence, and especially over indulgence can have serious consequences.

However I do find it especially brave for this young and rising porn star to come clean about his status, and hopefully he will be successful in promoting prevention of the disease that still haunts every sexually active person, regardless of race, color, gender or sexual orientation, HIV.

Mason Wyler has recently announced that he is positive and has taken an open stance to let his fans know the facts.

On his blog he states:

I have something to say. I spent the last few months waiting for the right time to tell you but it turns out that there is no right time… I wish I could put this off for a little while longer but information like this usually finds a way of coming out sooner than later. In fact, people have already begun to talk so I might as well just tell you now. I tested positive. I have only myself to blame. I have HIV and it kind of sucks.

Although HIV is not the death sentence it once was, thanks to modern day medicine, it’s still a very serious and dangerous disease that is completely avoidable.

Of course, we all think it couldn’t happen to us, especially if you’re in a relationship where you trust your partner. However that always reminds me of a story I heard while attending a national conference on HIV/AIDS in 2009. A woman, who was positive, was engaged to become married. During this time, she felt certain her fiance was only sleeping with her. They lived together and had done so for several years. She never had a reason to suspect he wasn’t faithful to her. She felt very confident and comfortable in their relationship. She was in pre-wedded bliss, she was in love. However during a routine visit to the doctor just prior to her wedding, she discovered she was HIV positive. Her fiance was the only man she had been with over a 10 year span. The point of her story, no matter how much you love or think you know someone, unless you’re with that person 24/7, which we never are, then get tested. You really never know.

Know your status, get tested! For testing information, click here. Also, practice safe sex. Use a condom…every time!

Enough of the serious talk. Now practice a little really safe sex by using your hand as you check out the really hot video from Mason Wyler below!



Sex on the beach is one of those things that few people experience outside of a bar. Well, for those who are tired of drinking it, you can now do it through the guys at SD Boy. Picture this… Two guys take an early morning walk along the beach on a cloudy morning. Don’t worry about the sun; you don’t need it when you bring your own heat. From there, these guys decide to take full advantage of the empty beach and the moment. They strip down and have a spontaneous fuck on the sand while the waves crash behind them. Fantasy realized! Click the picture for your beach fantasy.



Anderson Lovell and Casey Tanner are this weeks naked Celebrity Chef’s ready to get spicy in the kitchen cooking up some Kung Pao in another episode of “Boy’s Cooking”. They may not be the best of cooks but they do know how to get the kitchen hot! Their secret ingredients are foreplay appetizer and steamy sex served as the main course. Anderson lays on the table like a whole raw chicken ready to be stuffed. Sexy, smooth blonde Casey does just that grinding his meat until it’s well-done. Click for more Anderson Lovell and Casey Tanner



As Alex was getting ready, Shane wanted to check out what he’d be playing with, so we pulled up Alex’s first scene on the site to let him check it out. Earlier in the day, we found out that Alex’s favorite thing to do was rim, and Shane’s favorite thing to do was get rimmed, so it was a match made in sex heaven! After they enjoyed each other’s tongues, Alex threw Shane’s legs up and went to town with his big dick. Shane rode it, took it doggy style, then finally let Alex pound the cum out of him before spinning him around and blowing his load down his throat! Click for more Alex & Shane



SPRITZZ, a well-established gay German adult film company and website, is making more than a “quick spray” of their name, more like a “splash” – releasing a number of their successful titles in the U.S. through Marina Pacific. One of the first is SPRITZZ DOT COM, a hot story of a young “skater dude” (yes, they have those in Germany, too) who plunks his nearly naked ass down in front of his computer screen to check out the sex site. He pulls out his dick, clicks onto the site for “inspiration”, views five separate scenarios and wacks off in the process. The young man featured on the DVD cover is about to take a taste of his very attractive partner in the first scene, one that takes place in a forest. The second shows a couple of “bi stoners” getting it on with a horny “porn kid”; the third features Darian Hawke, a porn star who comes on to and makes it with an interviewer; the fourth shows a graffiti sprayer getting “punished” for his act by a construction guy; and a fifth which tells the tale of two “sneaker fetish” guys interviewing a third as a possible roommate and having sex. Of course, Jan Amron, the guy logged on to the website, finally cums. It’s a hip, diverse and stimulating package with a variety of young urban types.

During the credits, Jan is seen jogging along the river in Berlin. He gets home, cracks open a beer and settles down in front of the computer for some sex. He clicks on and their sex stories. Working his dick out of his jockeys, he strokes his big cock erect and clicks on the first story.

First seen at the beach, naked in the summer sun, blond Kai and Mediterranean-looking Brice quickly head for the privacy and coolness of a nearby forest. Cover Model Brice is ever horny, so they go right at it. Kai works on Brice’s big dick before Brice opts to ram it up Kai’s eager bubble butt. Kai is lying back on a big stack of logs. Eventually, Kai can’t hold it back any longer and cums, but Brice continues screwing until he too, unloads.

What do horny kids in a big city do when they get bored? They get high and have sex. Claiming to be straight (or bi) punker Dennis dares to take gay porn kid Michael’s hard, thick, uncut dick in his mouth. Then while Dennis is having his butt hole licked, skinhead Raffael shoves his hard-on deep down his throat, and Michael takes it up his butt even harder. (Photo at left.) Eventually they have nothing left to do but shoot their loads with orgiastic cries. Michael is so horny, he shoots his load twice.

Pornstar Darian is having an interview with Andreas. Sitting at a table in his apartment, Andreas asks Darian an array of questions and records his answers. Darian thinks he’s dealing with a naïve newcomer and offers to show his interviewer how he can get an instant hard-on. Intrigued, Andreas encourages him to go ahead. Darian approaches his friend, undoes his pants and removes his shirt, but Andreas proves to be no novice. He strips down to a jock strap and reveals heavily pierced nipples and a Prince Albert in his pierced dick. The totally turned on Darian sucks and fucks him to his heart’s content. They go back and forth sucking and ass eating. The mega-hung Darian fucks Andreas doggie style on the bed, and then missionary. They both shoot big loads.

Punkboy Bastian gets caught spray painting graffiti at a construction site. Two workers catch him and end his spraying – with a can. One goes on back to work, but Christoph lingers, gives in to temptation and starts to fondle the boy. Bastian gets a mouthful of the builder’s big dick shoved down his throat. Christoph doesn’t stop there and fucks the boy’s tight asshole as well.

Skater Tommy and his boyfriend Dennis are looking for a new roommate. When the hot Rick shows up, both of them give him a special welcoming present. They willingly bend over for him, showing their hot holes, which he fucks, one after the other. The boys are into the smell of dirty sneakers to really turn them on. It’s clear that Rick is going to move in after having such a welcoming.

Between each scene, Jan continues his own sexual trip. He shoves a partially peeled cucumber up his butt to ensure his cumming – right into the camera.

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