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Stop and smell the roses my ass!  Sometimes you just have to take time to stop and smell the scent of a man and even though these are only pics, I have a feeling that if I saw this Latin Jock in person, his smell would make me want to eat him up!

Altair has that innocent, boy next door kinda look but you know that if you got him alone in bed, he’d probably turn into one hellavu feisty diablo.

Just check out his perfectly toned body, his beautiful copper skin, those plump lips that denote the term DSL’s and those eye that scream seduction.  Check out the video of Altair from Latin Jocks as he jerks his meat just for you!



Stefan’s new flatmate doesn’t speak any English but he’s very easy on the eye, great to have around and they get along just fine. Stefan’s loading up the machine with dirty laundry and can’t help but take a good long sniff at his hunky flatmate’s sweaty jock. The musky smell has his cock standing to attention and he’s rubbing it through his pants when in walks Pedro from his workout. Stefan can’t understand a word Pedro’s saying but he sure seems mad; he’s ranting and lunging towards him, then suddenly Stefan’s nearly choking on solid Argentinean meat as Pedro thrusts his big fat cock down his throat. Stefan’s smelling the musk again – this time from the real thing, and in between gasping for breath, he’s begging for more. And the Argentinean hasn’t finished with him… Stefan finds himself over the counter and feels Pedro’s length push into his arse, then begin to pound him mercilessly, punishing him for sniffing his jock. Pedro shoots a bi g load of punishment all over Stefan’s face and chest, then storms off, leaving him to think about what he’s done. That’ll teach him a lesson…



There’s something about the rush that people love having sex outdoors. That’s exactly what you’re going to see in this update of OutInPublic. Dee and Justin meet up at the lake for some fishing. That didn’t last long. You smell the sex in the air. They wanted to fucked each other. They ditch fishing and began sucking each others dick. Taking turns fucking each other in the ass. Wow! Now that’s a fishing trip. Click for more Big Daddy 



Dr. Phingerfuck called in three young college jocks to the clinic for an unknown experiment. Growing impatient due to the doctor’s absence the boys began going through the doctor’s supplies. One liquid container full of a sweet smelling substance peaked their curiosity and they all began passing it around while taking small sips from the mystery liquid. After ingesting the fluid Austin perked up and suddenly remembered that what they drank was a medical substance that stirred sexual arousal in men. The boys began getting hot and started to remove their clothing. Then suddenly they began to kiss each other while running their hands over each other’s bodies. All the boys started to service one another, taking their mates dicks into their mouths then began to tag team Erik fucking him nice and deep. Switching positions with Austin he took Ross’s cock like a pro while cumming all over himself followed by Ross ejaculating on Austin. Click for more Austin, Ross, & Erik




1. What’s one thing about you that fans would be surprised to know?

The little known fact that my fans probably don’t know is that I hate bananas. Always have, always will. Despise the smell, texture and taste of them. My first threesome was cut short, because one of the guys ate a banana and then started to kiss me. I had to leave right away, I was so disgusted.

2. If your life was a song, what would that song be?

Easy… It’s “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood. Although I’m loving the new cover done by James Vincent McMorrow.

3. What’s the one food you can’t live without?

PIZZA!!! Can’t live without it… If I could breathe it without choking, I would.

4. If you could change anything about yourself, what would that be?

Hmm… I’m pretty happy with myself. Although I have this scar on my left cheek that I got when I was in a car accident in college. I wish that wasn’t there.

5. Since you enjoy making people laugh, who or what makes you laugh?

Things that make me laugh are dark, twisted jokes. British humor and the comedian Louis C.K. Fucking hilarious!!!!

6. What makes someone sexy in your opinion?

Ya know I’m always partial to a big furry chest and rock hard abs, but that’s not what usually makes me stick around. It’s qualities of character that are the most attractive to me. Honesty, Integrity, Compassion. Read more



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It’s evening in Glasgow and Tyler returns home to an empty apartment. He’s admiring the view through binoculars, as you do, when something catches his eye. Zooming in, he’s treated to a show he won’t forget in a hurry from the couple who live opposite. They’re all over each other and in their passion haven’t thought to close the blinds. Tyler watches as they strip and suck each other, and he starts playing with his own dick. Soon all three are naked and working up a storm. When Shane has blown, and Tyson finally unloads copiously in thick, hot jets onto Shane’s face and it’s dribbling down his neck in a river of cum, Tyler can hold back no more and he lies back and lets go of his own pent-up load, coating his stomach in sweet smelling juice. Watch the full movie today at!



SPRITZZ, a well-established gay German adult film company and website, is making more than a “quick spray” of their name, more like a “splash” – releasing a number of their successful titles in the U.S. through Marina Pacific. One of the first is SPRITZZ DOT COM, a hot story of a young “skater dude” (yes, they have those in Germany, too) who plunks his nearly naked ass down in front of his computer screen to check out the sex site. He pulls out his dick, clicks onto the site for “inspiration”, views five separate scenarios and wacks off in the process. The young man featured on the DVD cover is about to take a taste of his very attractive partner in the first scene, one that takes place in a forest. The second shows a couple of “bi stoners” getting it on with a horny “porn kid”; the third features Darian Hawke, a porn star who comes on to and makes it with an interviewer; the fourth shows a graffiti sprayer getting “punished” for his act by a construction guy; and a fifth which tells the tale of two “sneaker fetish” guys interviewing a third as a possible roommate and having sex. Of course, Jan Amron, the guy logged on to the website, finally cums. It’s a hip, diverse and stimulating package with a variety of young urban types.

During the credits, Jan is seen jogging along the river in Berlin. He gets home, cracks open a beer and settles down in front of the computer for some sex. He clicks on and their sex stories. Working his dick out of his jockeys, he strokes his big cock erect and clicks on the first story.

First seen at the beach, naked in the summer sun, blond Kai and Mediterranean-looking Brice quickly head for the privacy and coolness of a nearby forest. Cover Model Brice is ever horny, so they go right at it. Kai works on Brice’s big dick before Brice opts to ram it up Kai’s eager bubble butt. Kai is lying back on a big stack of logs. Eventually, Kai can’t hold it back any longer and cums, but Brice continues screwing until he too, unloads.

What do horny kids in a big city do when they get bored? They get high and have sex. Claiming to be straight (or bi) punker Dennis dares to take gay porn kid Michael’s hard, thick, uncut dick in his mouth. Then while Dennis is having his butt hole licked, skinhead Raffael shoves his hard-on deep down his throat, and Michael takes it up his butt even harder. (Photo at left.) Eventually they have nothing left to do but shoot their loads with orgiastic cries. Michael is so horny, he shoots his load twice.

Pornstar Darian is having an interview with Andreas. Sitting at a table in his apartment, Andreas asks Darian an array of questions and records his answers. Darian thinks he’s dealing with a naïve newcomer and offers to show his interviewer how he can get an instant hard-on. Intrigued, Andreas encourages him to go ahead. Darian approaches his friend, undoes his pants and removes his shirt, but Andreas proves to be no novice. He strips down to a jock strap and reveals heavily pierced nipples and a Prince Albert in his pierced dick. The totally turned on Darian sucks and fucks him to his heart’s content. They go back and forth sucking and ass eating. The mega-hung Darian fucks Andreas doggie style on the bed, and then missionary. They both shoot big loads.

Punkboy Bastian gets caught spray painting graffiti at a construction site. Two workers catch him and end his spraying – with a can. One goes on back to work, but Christoph lingers, gives in to temptation and starts to fondle the boy. Bastian gets a mouthful of the builder’s big dick shoved down his throat. Christoph doesn’t stop there and fucks the boy’s tight asshole as well.

Skater Tommy and his boyfriend Dennis are looking for a new roommate. When the hot Rick shows up, both of them give him a special welcoming present. They willingly bend over for him, showing their hot holes, which he fucks, one after the other. The boys are into the smell of dirty sneakers to really turn them on. It’s clear that Rick is going to move in after having such a welcoming.

Between each scene, Jan continues his own sexual trip. He shoves a partially peeled cucumber up his butt to ensure his cumming – right into the camera.

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What do you get when you get 10 horny tops, 2 hungry bottoms, a dungeon, leather and specially designed sex tables? A DUNGEON GANG BANG of historic orgy proportions.

Everyone dreams of being gang-banged in a Dungeon by one hot top after the other and that is exactly what happens in DUNGEON GANG BANG. It’s a fantasy that most of us think about but few of us ever experience. Jarod Steele and Steve Tuck are fucked by 10 ass pounding studs until the cum is dripping and leaking out of their hot holes. And, of course, Director Wade Lincoln, makes sure that every drop is captured on film and even on the cameras and cameramen.

Alan Gregory returns to ravage Jarod Steele’s sweet ass in one of the hottest scenes HDK has ever filmed. Duke Savage and Ardon Masters, hot hairy tops, join in and fuck Jarod and Steve Tuck till they are squealing like the pigs they really are.

And, Hank Cruz pounds Jarod’s butt till it’s red and raw and nearly knocks him off the table before shooting his hot load up Jarod’s ass.

After being pounded by so many hot studs, Steve Tuck can’t take it any longer and strokes that cock of his till he drops a mammoth load right into Ardon Masters’ mouth…..Ardon, of course, takes every drop and begs for more. If you like the taste and feel and smell of hot man jizz…don’t let this film get away!

A total of 12 guys, too many internal and external cum shots to count. Slings, leather, fuck tables, fuck benches, hairy men, smooth men and muscle men all combine to make this one of HDK’s wildest and raunchiest films.