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This video gives a whole new meaning to the term bare-backing…or is it bear-backing? Well anyway, it looks like Plushie Schwartz hasn’t been getting out and about much lately and has been turning to his old friend vodka to keep him company.

But time for a little intervention and in comes the hottest Asian star on the web, Cary Koons (pictured above).   He decides to give Plushie a reason to sober up a bit and something to smile about all at the same time…his hot, tight, sweet ass!

Watch Plushie give Cory a good ass pounding on the clip below then head over to Gear Action to get bear backed!

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Jet Set Men has officially announced  the EARLY ARRIVAL of  “Jersey Score”, the parody of the MTV reality hit “Jersey Shore”.

The all star cast serves up mind and cock blowing performances from Dean “ the Stimulation” Coxx and muscle hotties Jet Set exclusives Josh “Ronnie” Logan, Andrew “Sammy” Blue and Hayden “Brad Pherro” Stephens  with the return of  superstar Derrick “D-WoW” Vinyard and the gorgeous Robert “ Pauly G” Cavalli.

Jet Set Men has unleashed what is being considered the “MOST HAVE” gay porn movie of 2010. The worldwide press surrounding this movie has been a NONE STOP to the likes that could rival a mainstream high budget studio release. This kind of media blitz hasn’t been seen in the gay adult industry EVER!

From the top rated pop culture and celebrity gossip show TMZ, to the worldwide respected journalists at CNN’s  “The Joy Behar Show” (check it out below).

This movie showcases how hot a summer can be when some of the the hottest ‘Guido’ muscle gods ever to be captured on camera come together and have a true reality summer of sex, sand and late nights in true Jersey Style (hair gel not included).

Jet Set Men never makes you settle…This movie is available on DVD and Download-To-Own NOW!

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Just in time to check out these two really hot guys from Circle Jerk Boys blow their massive loads after some hot and heavy sucking and fucking that is!

Justin Cox (pictured left above) has a nice tan and chiseled body and the 23 year-old with the Jersey accent feels good about getting himself into situations that he has to fuck his way out of.

Sean Adair (pictured to the right below) is there to help Justin OUT!  Sean, who is also 23 represents the West coast which makes for an interesting situation when these to join forces, amongst other things!

They both love sports, but find the greatest commonality they have is they both love to play with balls. From coast to coast, it don’t get no better than this!

Check it out below, then jump on in at Circle Jerk Boys to see the best from the West and why the East isn’t the least at Circle Jerk Boys!

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Dead people isn’t the only thing you can see when you have a ‘Sixth Sense’.  Sometimes you see horny people and you will be one of them when you get a ‘load’ of these two hotties from Barely Twinks!

Here Jonathan Deverell (pictured above) uses his ‘Sixth Sense’ and tells Jason Raze (pictured below) to meet him up in room 311. When Jason gets out of the shower dripping wet, walks down the hallway to Jonathan’s room and let’s himself in, Jonathan simply looks up at him with those bedroom eyes and says OK, you can fuck me now!

Wasting no time, Jason takes his hard cock and fucks the hell out of Jonathan.   Do you see horny people?  Take a look at the clip below of the video entitle ‘Sixth Sense’ then use yours to find your way over to Barley Twinks to get more (or just click here)!

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If you like to watch those hot guys with shaved heads beat the shit out of each other on those extreme fighting shows, then you’re probably going to love to watch these two muscle hunks with shaved heads as they suck and fuck the shit out of each other.  Below Mark demonstrates he knows how to take ‘em down and go down!

Luc Bonay and Mark Summers team up in this Bull Dog Pit production to give you something you’d be willing to fight for…A chance to get in the middle and try to break these two up! Below Luc shows us how to pin ‘em down!

If you like extreme fights types…you’re gonna LOVE watching these two go at it!  Check out the super hot trailer below and when you’re ready for the real challenge, head on over to the Bull Dog Pit and see if you’re man enough!

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A Whole New Meaning for "Bunk Bed"

Remember those dorm days of bunk beds and laying there with a raging hard on as you want to slide on up to find your roomie trying to quietly stroke his cock to lend him a hand, mouth or ass?

Jeremy Gives Sebastian a Final Exam!

Well, Jeremy Hall brings back the days of campus conundrums where romper room isn’t something for the little kids!

According to Jeremy Hall:

I’ve fucked a lot of 19 year old’s but few are as sexually experienced as Sebastian. He gave really good head, and knew how to take a big dick. Lots of guys are hot but don’t know how to be sexual, this guy is hella sexy!

And boy is he right! Check out this awesome teaser clip of Jeremy Hall pounding Sebastian’s tight college ass then when you’re ready to go back to school and play on the right team, CLICK HERE to head over and enroll yourself at Club Jeremy Hall for the education of a lifetime!

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If you’re looking for a great workout that will not only build muscle but provide the cardio you need to keep in shape and provide you with that extra dose of protein you need when you go to the gym, then this has everything you need all in two big packages.

This work out consist of Dark Thunder muscle hunks Juice and Rudy combining their business with pleasure and they get a work out that’s guaranteed to keep you shape!

Get the preview below, and when you’re ready to hit it, head on over to Dark Thunder to work it out!

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If you’re into the hunkier type guys that leave the hair on their chest…and even more, will likely be able to put a little hair on your chest, then guys like Antonio Biaggi and Aitor Crash over at Xtra Inches are they guys for you! They would be great models for a real “Hungry Man” TV dinner or a CHunky Soup commercial!

Above, Antonio feeds Aitor’s hungry man hole! These hunks don’t waste anytime going and getting down to business and when they get together, there isn’t time for any sparks, it’s more like spontaneous cum-bust-a-nution!

And below, Antonio makes sure Aitor won’t leave hungry! These two know the importance of both giving and receiving making sure that everyone is completely satisfied and just like a great buffet, nobody leaves hungry…and they make you look forward to the next time you get to cum back for more.

Don’t let this one sit out too long and get cold! Eat up the appetizer below then head over to Xtra Inches for the whole enchilada to feast your eyes and get your fill!

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Updated May 14 with NEW SIMPLIFIED RULES!

We received such amazing feedback on our our “Tweet your way to an iPad” contest in April, that we’ve decided to follow it up with something even bigger!

Announcing the My Favorite RocketTube Video Contest! Share your favorite videos with your friends on Twitter to win a top-of-the-line 64GB 3G+WIFI iPad or one of two Flip Ultra HD Camcorders!

There are over 34,000 gay videos on RocketTube, with hundreds more added every week! We’re interested in knowing which videos are your favorites, so to enter our latest contest, all you have to do is Tweet your favorite RocketTube video! Each time you Tweet a new link to a different movie, you get an automatic entry into the contest!

How to Enter:

Share your favorite RocketTube videos with the world by Tweeting the following phrase to your Twitter followers:

I’m watching : LINK on @rockettube.

Be sure to replace (LINK) with a real link to to your favorite video. You can add your own message before or after the contest phrase, but each entry must include the full phrase as shown, along with a unique link to a RocketTube video.

To make this super easy, there is a button that looks like this on every video on the site.  As long as you are signed into Twitter all you have to do is click the button to enter:

With so many videos on RocketTube, you can find a new favorite to Tweet about every day, and you get a contest entry for each Tweet!

NOTE: We were running this contest with a different phrase and requiring links.  We’ve simplified the contest now, but all those entries are still good and any future entries with the old format will still be counted.  Don’t worry about that!

Let’s Get to the Prizes:

One Grand Prize: New iPad 3G/Wifi 64GB – You know you want it!

iPad One lucky Tweeter will win a brand new, top of the line, 64GB iPad 3G/Wifi!  That’s right… this is the iPad that you can carry with you to surf the Net, check your email, and follow your Twitter friends, right over the 3G cellular network. Use it with Wifi when you’re at home and 3G when you roam!

Two First Prizes: Flip Ultra HD Camcorder – Make your own videos!

Flip HD CameraWe’re giving away 2 of these sweet little puppies and everyone has a shot at winning.  The Flip Ultra HD is an easy-to-use, pocket-sized, HD camcorder featuring one-touch recording and digital zoom. This baby will capture 120 minutes of HD video on 8 GB of built-in memory; no tapes or additional memory cards required. We love these things!

Get started Tweeting your favorite RocketTube videos right away! The contest runs through midnight on June 15th, when we’ll randomly select a winner.

Rules & Detailed Steps to Enter:

  1. Find a video you like on – we know its hard to pick just one, so pick as many as you want and do a new Tweet for each.
  2. Send a Tweet from your Twitter account using the exact contest phrase below, but replace (LINK) with a real link to an actual video on
  3. Contest Phrase:
    I’m watching: LINK on @rockettube.

    To make it easy just click the button under any video that looks like this:

  4. You can enter as many times as you want, but don’t go nuts and overwhelm your followers with Tweets. There’s a fine line between fun and spam, and this contest is all about fun! Use a unique link to a different video for each and every entry. Each link will only be counted once per user.
  5. We’ll randomly select the winners from all of the qualifying Tweets made between now and until the contest ends at midnight on June 15, 2010. RocketTube is intended for audiences over the age of 18 and is protected with ICRA and RTA labeling.  Parents should enable the built-in filters in their browsers to prevent minors from accessing our site.  Proof of eligible age will be required for prize redemption.

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It’s almost summer, and let’s face it, if you’re white, and you’re planning on heading out to the beach, you don’t want to look like a glow stick and you don’t  want to get burned and look like a cooked lobster either…So, you’d be doing right by yourself to head over to your local tanning salon and catch some electric rays to help you build up that base tan before you get out into the UV rays the sun has to offer.

And hey, we all know laying in a tanning bed isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to do, so while you’re there, why not bring along your Fleshjack so you can make the 20 minutes something to look forward to!

What?  Don’t have a Fleshjack yet?  Well then, you’re in luck!  Right now Fleshjack is running some great combo deals so you can pick out the package that best suites your package.

Check out the demo video below, then CLICK HERE to head over to Fleshjack to get yours today!

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There’s something really hot about wrestling…especially when it leads to a good ass pounding!  I’m not talking about someone getting their ass beat either, but more along the lines of what we’re all here for in the first place…to see a good ass, ass pounding.

Race Cooper

Well, Race Cooper get’s pound on the mat pretty hard and then Brenn Wyson pounds his ass good and hard with his massive cock!

Brenn Wyson

If you want the best foreplay you’re gonna ever get, and if you like it rough, then Naked Combat is the place for you!  Check out the video clip below, then head over to Naked Combat to get your turn to throw down!

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That’s right, the warm weather is upon us and it’s time for some outdoor fun after being cooped up inside all winter long. So grab a partner and head on outside and celebrate the sun and warmth of summer…and let’s see just how HOT it’s going to get. Below is a pretty good forecast!

Want more? Find it at: Out In Public!

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