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Andrew and Alex begin this sexy encounter with some very steamy kisses, Andrew laying on top of Alex, grinding against him as they explore each other’s body! Andrew doesn’t want to wait any longer though, he’s craving a taste of Alex’s big dick, and he slides down and takes Alex’s cock in his mouth. He works that dick expertly, deepthroating it and pulling it in and out of his hot mouth before climbing on top of Alex, straddling him as Alex shoves Andrew’s cock in his mouth. Andrew reaches behind him and strokes Alex’s member as Alex gives him head, moaning in pleasure as Alex slides his mouth up and down his shaft. Andrew’s ready for a different kind of pleasure, and he lubes up Alex’s ass and his own cock before sliding it inside Alex’s tight entrance. Alex holds his ass open, letting Andrew get in good and deep as the two moan, exchanging some kisses before trying a new position. Alex gets on his back and spreads his legs and Andrew can’t wait to shove his dick in again, pounding Alex deep and steady as Alex rubs his own cock. He jerks his dick fast, getting himself off with Andrew’s cock still deep inside is tight ass, busting a nut all over his stomach! Andrew pulls out and works his cock with his hand, shooting his hot load onto Alex’s waiting ass! Click for more Andrew Collins & Alex Jordan




RT_5_28_13Brody was experiencing such a sore throat that he had no choice but to get his butt into the nearest on campus clinic. Nurse Cindy guided him to the examination room where Dr. Geo, one of the new doctors to the clinic, would be seeing him. After a short time Dr. Geo walked in and Brody was definitely happy with what he saw. Dr. Geo was a hot and fit doctor and Brody was more than willing to let him examine him. After the preliminary routine Dr. Geo knew exactly how to handle the situation. He took off his scrubs and started to have Brody suck on his thick cock. Brody was already feeling better as this doctor’s dick was pushed down his throat. Before Dr. Geo knew it he was cumming down the young mans throat and Brody was feeling like a million bucks. Click the photo or here for more. Visit “College Boy Physicals” Here




Horny fraternity brother Stan sneaks off to the gloryhole room to get his big, veiny dick sucked. The cocksucker’s lips are warm and wet, Stan fucks his mouth soft and slow initially then speeds up. The cocksucker is gagging and moaning. He’s never had is throat fucked the way Stan fucks it. Once the cocksucker’s throat is nice and open, Stan fuck his face mercilessly. The cocksucker can barely keep up, but Stan is unstoppable. He face fucks the cocksuckers hot mouth on the other side and as he reaches his nut his cums slides down the cocksucker’s throat. Click for more Stan



Horny RocketTube user Roncomann gave a buddy some slow deep throat service in a new video he uploaded to RocketTube’s amateur section today.

“My friend Mike had a thick smooth cock. Had a lot of fun sucking him, hear him groan,” the 63-year-old wrote.

Be sure to let him know how much like the video in the comments section. See more of his cock sucking skills on a bear pal here.



RocketTube user BlackFlesh5307 performs AMAZING, slow deep throat service on a straight buddy in a video he uploaded to RocketTube’s amateur section.

“His girl went out of town and he couldn’t wait to call me to suck his big 10-inch dick,” he wrote.

You can hear him lubricate that huge tool with a wet and hungry mouth as he takes it from tip to root.

And RockTube users absolutely agree–he’s got talent!

“What a fantastic cock sucker; he certainly enjoys sucking a big dick; i’d love to have him work on my cock; don’t know how long I could last,”
Wincman wrote in the comments section.

“Good grief he has like no fuckin’ gag reflex,”
Cilkysmuv added.



Trent and Zaden kick things off right with some fun conversation and lots of laughs but when it comes to getting off, these two get pretty serious! They begin with some intense kisses but when Zaden wants more hes not shy to show it! He pushes Trent onto the bed and claims his cock with his mouth, pulling it in and out, flicking the tip with his tongue as Trent moans. Trent wants to get a taste of Zadens dick, too, and eagerly sits up to please him. He admires Zadens massive cock before getting a mouthful of it, shoving it deep into the back of his throat as he works it. He pleases him a bit longer before they both get impatient for whats coming next! Zaden and Trent get lubed up as Trent gets in position to take Zadens huge dick. Zaden slides his dick in as he stands behind Trent, going slow at first so that Trent can get used to his massive size before fucking him harder. They both lie down on the bed next, exchanging some kisses as Zaden continues to pound Trent. Click for more Trent and Zaden



RocketTube user Tormo gives his straight buddy some of his expert deep throat service in a video he uploaded to RocketTube’s amateur section.

In the video’s caption he says he got his horny friend to shoot a thick load in his mouth.




Devin Adams was excited to be getting railed by Jerry Ford, and when he arrived for the scene, he had a few ideas for some great fuck positions. Jerry agreed it would be hot, so Jerry and Devin went into it aiming for one hot ass-pounding! After making out and rubbing all over each other, Devin is down on Jerry’s uncut dick, enjoying every beautiful inch. Jerry likes Devins cock, too, and he deep throats it very well, licking the tip then sliding his pursed lips all the way down the shaft. Jerry eats out Devin’s ass before sliding his fat dick into Devins hole, and from this point on the fucking is intense! Jerry rams into Devin doggie style, then Jerry puts Devin on his back with his legs in the air and pile-drives the shit out of him! Jerry and Devin are at this point working up a huge sweat, but they keep going, Jerry holding up Devins legs by the ankles as he slides in and out forcefully. Devin busts a nut while Jerry is fucking him, and Jerry delivers a hot creamy load as well before. Click the photo or here for more. Visit “College Dudes” Here



A twink sucks a muscle young jock’s massive dick in a hot scene on

You can see the boy doing his best to handle the uncut 10-incher, but there’s no way he can deep throat it. He finally finds the right kind of hole that can fit that monster from tip to the base after he’s flipped over and power drilled.

Other RocketTube fans agree–this is one lovely cock to suck or take up your hole! “DAMN. I would love to ride u, babe, u can stick your dick in my mouth whenever,” Chocksucker wrote in the comments section. Hotyaoi added, “that’s hot, he could shove that in me any day.”



Graham tries to deep throat, but Damien’s tool is too big for him. His pretty mouth can barely reach the base. But Damien isn’t whining that much. Especially with the effort tears streaming down Graham’s face. Click here to see the action.




Paul Canon opens up with his sexiest British accent. He shares some exciting news, Romeo is getting his virgin ass fucked!

“Today I’m going to pop this guy’s cherry,” Paul says to the camera. “And he’s real nervous about it.”

“Very,” Romeo adds.

“Just think about the money,” the cameraman notes.

“I sort of feel sorry for him,” Paul muses. “I know the feeling.”

“Having some guy’s cock in me is not too appealing,” Romeo notes.

“It’s not some guy,” the cameraman explains. “It’s Paul.”

Paul and Romeo undress quickly, tossing their clothes to the side and immediately start making out like they’ve been fucking each other for years. Paul is eager and excited. He makes his way down to Romeo’s dick and sucks it passionately. Romeo has no complaints as Paul swallows his hard dick, tickling the head with the back of his throat. Romeo rewards Paul’s skills with another kiss and then quickly begins to suck Paul’s legendary cock.

Romeo’s skills only heighten Paul’s desire to slide his dick inside Romeo’s virgin hole! Before you know it Romeo’s hairy, bubble butt is being pierced by Paul’s meat.

“I promise to be easy,” Paul assures.

Paul’s dick slides slowly in and out of Romeo’s tight fuck hole. Romeo is holding on for dear life as big Paul slams his ass harder and faster. Paul’s raw dick must feel good because Romeo is moaning and not from pain.

“Fuck me, bro,” Romeo moans.

Paul sucks and licks on Romeo’s toes  as he goes balls deep in that virgin ass. He slaps his fat booty while he fucks him.

“I want you to cum for me,” Paul says.

Romeo is already close and a few moments later he unloaded a fat nut. Paul slides out of his tight, wet hole and jacks off over Romeo’s sweet mouth. He cums all over Romeo’s lips and mouth. Click for more Paul Canon and Romeo James



Horny boy Manny Baby fucks and sucks Justin Kace’s freshman bubble butt in a hot scene on

Manny (@ItsMBaby) hit us up on Twitter yesterday to let us know about the sexy time. “See me in action with first-timer Justin Kace,” he Tweeted.

Newbie Justin is quite the pro as he deep throats Manny’s big cock, then gets pounded doggy style until he pops his load.