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Ian and Romeo are the Bogie and Bacall of BSB. If they are near a bed, expect sparks to fly. Today's update begins with what these two cuties do best: making out! After some kissing, shirts are lost. Then comes pants. Notice how both sport wood? Especially Ian. Being only in their underwear doesn't stop the kissing. After they get nude, Romeo gets on top. This allows his meat to get oral loving from Ian. Romeo does the same. Both slurp those engorged tools, getting them slick with pre-cum. The boys turn on their sides for a more traditional 69. The sounds of slurping and sucking fill the studio. There's another round of romantic smooching. Ian even has a taste of Romeo's neck. It's time for an ass to get a pounding. Ian lubes up and Romeo gets on his stomach, that hairy ass in the air. Ian fills that booty up and Romeo immediately curses. Click for more Romeo & Ian

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Life is sweet when BSB models live close to our studio. Makes filming a whole lot easier. Take today’s update. Newbie JJ Masters texted the cameraman in the morning and was sitting on our bed in the afternoon. “Always need the money right now,” he says to the cameraman. “Crazy times.”Next to him is Colby, a dude who has been hanging around. Although he hasn’t done many scenes, Colby offers the best advice to the newbie. “Pretend it’s a like dream and when you wake up there’s money,” Colby says. “The gay porn tooth fairy comes to bring you money.” JJ hasn’t read “Sucking Dicks for Dummies,” but he did look at a couple vids. He’s not certain this will help, but is willing to give it a go. Both guys get naked and Colby sucks first. Click for more JJ Masters & Colby Jones 

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Newbie stud JJ Masters is taking it easy in our studio chair today. Does anyone think JJ looks a little bit like Gene Kelly (Google his name)? The dude with the cute smile, and big arms, is here because there never seems to be enough money. “You gotta do something,” JJ says to the cameraman. “Bills to pay.” The 20-year-old likes anything that gets him out the house. He used to wrestle in high school and has an eclectic taste in music. Don’t be making fun of his country tunes! He has a girlfriend, but she doesn’t know where he is. She thinks he’s hanging out with a friend. Which he is, technically.
When JJ loses the shirt, he flexes and those muscles look tasty. He is a fan of his chest and shoulders. His booty is compact, and those thighs need to be nibbled. JJ sits on the chair, naked, and strokes his tool. After awhile it plumps, and that fat thing looks even tastier than his thighs. Cut with nice set of balls. When he stands up, we get a great view of JJ’s bod, from his chiseled chest to broad shoulders. The boy isn’t paying us any attention though. He’s too busy taking care of his needs. And earning that money! LOL! The boy’s breathing gets a bit shallow, and his rod gets even bigger. He gets on the bed, spreading those fine legs apart. JJ doesn’t believe in fancy stroking techniques. Keeps
it simple. He grabs his head as the pleasure increases. “Getting close,” the cameraman asks.
“Yep,” JJ whispers. His stroking speed picks up. JJ’s mouth stays partly open. He licks his lips and soon cum shoots straight up. It lands all over his thigh. Even coats his balls. So? Should JJ bring his tool back? Click for more JJ Masters

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Poor Cage. He looks so forlorn when this update starts. We soon learn the reason for his upset.
“I’m excited about this scene Cage because you’re going to get fucked,” the cameraman says to the stud. “I’ve been looking to it for a quite awhile,” the cameraman continues. “I bet you have,” Cage replies. “He’s excited,” Romeo, the dude who will own Cage’s ass virginity, says. Easy for him to say,no? The cameraman asks Cage what he thinks he’ll feel. “It will probably hurt,” Cage replies. Come on Cage! It won’t be that bad! LOL! Click for more Romeo & Cage

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Meet Mr. Alan North. A military man. “No one joins the army to get rich,” he says to the cameraman. This isn’t the first time he’s been in front of the camera. When he was a soldier, he used to make personal videos for his lady friend. He likes it all, from drinking, football (Alan is a Raiders fan) to video games. His sexual history is pretty “interesting.” Alan shares a story that will make you love peanuts. Another lady friend was next to him, both naked. Alan was eating peanuts, put one in her booty hole, sucked it out, and ate it. “She didn’t have a problem with it,” Alan says to the cameraman with a laugh. As Alan takes off his clothes he confesses getting tats is his “sweet addiction.” He starts stroking his uncut tool, and the “little Alan” starts to plump. The stud grabs his nuts as he jerks his hefty meat.  Alan makes it to the bed, pointing his dick to the camera. He keeps his stroking focused on his pink head, pulling the foreskin over it. He strokes his chest and keeps one hand on his smooth stomach.  Alan closes his eyes and licks his lips. Someone is getting close to popping. Heck, his pole is getting a little bigger. The jerking pace picks up, with a hand under those delicious nuts.  “I’m going to cum,” he whispers. He does. The man milk shoots up and lands all over his hand and foreskin. Click for more Alan North

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When this update begins, there are only stares and stroking. Blake Bennet and Damien Kyle are kneading their own tools, and looking to see what the other is carrying. The glances are furtive, like the two are embarrassed to be so interested in what the other might be packing.

Blake, the wily BSB veteran, reaches over. First he touches Damien’s thigh to check to see if it’s cool to fondle the merchandise. LOL! His hand grabs Damien’s bulge and that causes Damien to do the same.

The studs feel each other up, their dicks straining against their clothes. Damien pulls his pants and underwear mid-thigh, and Blake gets to really stroke that sausage.

Damien gets fully naked first, and the two stand up. There’s that awkward moment when they’re not certain about kissing, but lips are put together. Blake sits on the couch, and swallows Damien’s johnson. Blake takes his time. Licking the head, slobbering with the shaft, and going to the base. You can tell Damien likes it by the way he strokes Blake’s hair. He also face fucks his partner. Another sign of enjoyment. :-)

Blake gets that tool sloppy wet with spit and pre-cum. Damien leans down and gives him an effort
kiss. “Fucking suck my cock,” Blake says.

So bossy. LOL! Damien gets on the couch and lets his mouth be used. He swallows everything Blake has, and the stud mutters encouragement. Damien needs to come up for air from time to time, but only briefly. He wants that meat in his mouth.

There’s another brief smooch before Damien straddles Blake. He puts his hole above Blake’s bone and takes a seat. He sits balls deep and then goes up and down. Damien is a bottom in control, taking what he wants. He’s making Blake work for that sweet ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Damien groans.

Damien is put on his back, his legs held part. Blake gets back in the boy hole and pounds with
passion. “Fuck, me,” Damien orders. “Harder.”

Blake does so, giving the boy everything he can. But a hard fuck isn’t complete without some
kissing, which the two do. Blake gets back to giving Damien a meat injection.

“Look at me,” Blake commands.

The fucking picks up, with Damien moaning. He beats his meat and his first stream of cum hits the bottom of his chest. Blake pulls out and works his bone to a nut. His man milk splatters the top of Damien’s stomach and his pubes.

After calming down, Blake leans in for a final smooch.

“Fuck, he says,” Click for more Blake Bennett and Damien Kyle 

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Brandon Beale and Kyle Johnson start out romancing in this update. Their smooching sounds fill the
studio. As they suck face, the lads take off each other’s clothes. When only their skivvies remain,
both show tents! Who said kissing doesn’t make you hard? :-)

They kiss and tug their tools through the underwear. Kyle pulls Brandon’s shorts off, and gets on
his knees. The sound of kissing is replaced with Kyle lapping Brandon’s bone. Kyle is on that meat
like he must have it.

“Oh, my God,” Brandon whispers.

He guides Kyle by putting a hand on the back of Kyle’s head. No need really. Kyle knows where his
prize is.

“Suck on my hard dick,” Brandon orders.

There’s a lot of meat, so Kyle doesn’t deep throat. But Brandon makes up for that by fucking Kyle’s
pretty mouth. Watch how the spit, and pre-cum, dribbles out of Kyle’s mouth and lands on the floor.

“Rub my balls,” Brandon commands.

He brings Kyle up for some kissing, which Kyle returns with passion. Then it’s Brandon’s turn to
suck pole.

“It feel’s so good,” Kyle says.

Brandon licks the head and gobbles up and down the shaft. He even deep throats, at Kyle’s

“Oh, fuck yeah. That’s good,” Kyle moans.

Kyle’s cock has never strained this much since he’s been with BSB.

“There you go. You’ re hitting the spot,” Kyle notes.

Brandon’s perky ass will get plugged first. He grabs the chair, and Kyle saddles up behind him.
Once he’s in, bare, the pounding is deep and long. Brandon might be groaning like he’s being split in
half, but when he tells Kyle to “smack his ass” you know the stud is in bottom heaven.

“Fuck that’s tight,” Kyle groans.

He gives those sweet cheeks another slap, making sure Brandon takes it all.

“My turn now,” Brandon says.

Kyle gets on the bed, like a good doggie (smile). Brandon slathers lube on his sausage and enters in
a slow motion. Poor Kyle. He can’t himself. Gives a satisfied bottom boy sigh. :-)

Brandon is stuffing that ass up and Kyle is loving it.

“Fuck that hole,” he whimpers.

Kyle encourages Brandon to give it to him, and Brandon is a polite boy. He does exactly that. The
sound of skin against skin fills the studio.

There’s more kissing when Kyle gets on his back. This position permits Brandon to plunge deeper.
Kyle’s johnson is rock hard as Brandon has his way with him.

“Look at me,” Brandon orders.

He picks up the speed and Kyle takes every inch. He calls to the gods and the fist jizz from his cock
splatters his chest.

Brandon pulls out and strokes a load that literally covers Kyle’s butt cheeks and hole. Brandon
makes sure to take some of that juice and put it in Kyle’s boy pussy.

The guys kiss and it’s all over. Whew! LOL Click for more Brandon Beale & Kyle Johnson 

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BSB fact: if a model is stroking when the video starts rolling, he’s primed to play. Newbie Shane Ridge is feeling his meat, through his shorts, when we first get a glimpse of that pretty face. The boy is more than ready for this.

He’s here for the usual reason. Greenback needs.

“I just recently discovered I’m having a kid.T he first job isn’t making so much, so I have to make ends meet,” Shane says to the cameraman.

The soon to be proud poppa was in sixth grade when he started jerking it.

“I was chatting online with this chick, and she started sending me pics and videos.”

As Shane describes, intuition kicked in and the rest is history. Now the horny dude jerks off three to four times a day! You read right! No wonder Shane was stroking his sausage when this episode started. LOL!

He admits to being nervous, but the lad shouldn’t be. He has all the goods, which is even more obvious when he pulls off his clothes. He’s carrying an uncut package, which he’s never measured.

Shane pulls his pud and strokes his chest. All of this gets his staff at full mast. Notice how the newbie plays with his nipples. Can we get a dude to give them a suck? :-)

When Shane stands up, he offers a sexy big dicked stud grin. He’s self-conscious though, doing his best to forget he’s being gawked at.

He gets back on the couch, this time on his back. The meat stick has gotten bigger, which should scare any future bottoms Shane might meet. LOL! He keeps the jerking speed at high, making sure his hand remains on the bulbous head. The initial nerves give way to the irresistible need to bust a nut. His stroking speed picks up, and Shane returns to flicking at a nipple.

With no warning, Shane shoots a load that covers the bottom of his stomach. After he calms down, Shane flashes one more sexy grin and everything is right with the world. Click for more Shane Ridge

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A newbie treat for this update. Kyle Johnson and Griffin Matthews have both showed us they can jack off in front of a camera. Now they are going to see if they can do something with a dude.

“He’s going to be sucking my dick,” Kyle says to the cameraman when asked to describe what’s about to happen. “And I’m going to suck his.”

Griffin isn’t an old pro (grin), but he knows what it’s like to fool around with a guy. When he’s been drunk, some guys have gone down on him. Lucky bastards! LOL!! He’s looking forward to seeing what he and Kyle can do.

The two get naked. Kyle is ready to play before his underwear is off screen. Griffin sucks first. He licks the head like a lollipop. Even tries to deep throat Kyle’s monster. Griffin sounds so cute when gagging on meat.

Kyle is having the time of his life, whispering encouragement to his scene partner. It’s soon time for him to try some pole loving. He works extra hard to get Griffin hard (Kyle’s own stick is bouncing up and down). All the effort works because Griffin’s tool is ready to play. Griffin tells the new sucker to give his balls a tongue bath.

“Big nuts,” Kyle observes.

“It’s the Eiffel Tower,” Kyle calls Griffin’s stick.

“You’re sexy as hell, dude,” Griffin says. “You’re like a damn pro.”

Hard to disagree with Griffin’s assessment.

Griffin gets on his knees, and Kyle sits on the edge of the bed. Kyle is moaning, but he’s pleased because Griffin is deep throating him like there’s no tomorrow. Griffin even looks up, his eyes red from working so hard.

Kyle wonders if Griffin has ever tasted cum. The answer is no, but the newbie is willing to try a little protein. LOL! He jerks and sucks. Kyle even gives one of his nipples a little tweak.

All that spit and tongue action pushes Kyle over the edge.

“Oh, fuck. Here it comes,” Kyle moans.

Griffin put his mouth on Kyle’s dick, and doesn’t remove it until a load lands on his soft tongue. To show there is cum in his mouth, he opens up and lets the man milk drop from his lips.

Griffin stands up, and jerks off. Kyle leans in front of him, his tongue hanging out. Griffin’s cum shoots forward, and covers Kyle’s lips, nose and tongue.

“That was a big bust,” Griffin notes.

There is only one thing to say: newbie power!! Click for more Kyle Johnson & Griffin Matthews

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Paul Canon opens up with his sexiest British accent. He shares some exciting news, Romeo is getting his virgin ass fucked!

“Today I’m going to pop this guy’s cherry,” Paul says to the camera. “And he’s real nervous about it.”

“Very,” Romeo adds.

“Just think about the money,” the cameraman notes.

“I sort of feel sorry for him,” Paul muses. “I know the feeling.”

“Having some guy’s cock in me is not too appealing,” Romeo notes.

“It’s not some guy,” the cameraman explains. “It’s Paul.”

Paul and Romeo undress quickly, tossing their clothes to the side and immediately start making out like they’ve been fucking each other for years. Paul is eager and excited. He makes his way down to Romeo’s dick and sucks it passionately. Romeo has no complaints as Paul swallows his hard dick, tickling the head with the back of his throat. Romeo rewards Paul’s skills with another kiss and then quickly begins to suck Paul’s legendary cock.

Romeo’s skills only heighten Paul’s desire to slide his dick inside Romeo’s virgin hole! Before you know it Romeo’s hairy, bubble butt is being pierced by Paul’s meat.

“I promise to be easy,” Paul assures.

Paul’s dick slides slowly in and out of Romeo’s tight fuck hole. Romeo is holding on for dear life as big Paul slams his ass harder and faster. Paul’s raw dick must feel good because Romeo is moaning and not from pain.

“Fuck me, bro,” Romeo moans.

Paul sucks and licks on Romeo’s toes  as he goes balls deep in that virgin ass. He slaps his fat booty while he fucks him.

“I want you to cum for me,” Paul says.

Romeo is already close and a few moments later he unloaded a fat nut. Paul slides out of his tight, wet hole and jacks off over Romeo’s sweet mouth. He cums all over Romeo’s lips and mouth. Click for more Paul Canon and Romeo James

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Check out Abel’s first solo with Broke Straight Boys. Be careful, he’s a heart breaker with a smile that will definitely make you adjust yourself. Between Abel’s mischievous grin and a tasty looking cock, you won’t be able to take your eyes off this stud. Just don’t tell his girlfriend. She doesn’t know what he is doing. “What do you think she would think of this,” the cameraman asks. “I don’t know,” Abel responds with that “let me make your pussy moist” grin. “Probably wouldn’t like it, but I don’t know. She is a surprising girl.” Click the picture or here to watch this heart throb’s cock throb. Visit “Broke Straight Boys” Here

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Graham tries to deep throat, but Damien’s tool is too big for him. His pretty mouth can barely reach the base. But Damien isn’t whining that much. Especially with the effort tears streaming down Graham’s face. Click here to see the action.


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