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Bold Moves is about the crazy things that happen when director Bruno Bond takes seven testosterone-charged Falcon Studs and puts them together to see what happens.  Exclusive stars Landon Conrad and Andrew Jakk waste no time in getting into each other’s pants, as Christopher Daniels watches from the stairway.  As Landon fucks Andrew with his rock hard cock, lean, cut, and stunning Adrian Long arrives on the scene.  Christopher starts deep throating Long’s thick shaft.  Watch as his balls roil around like overloaded sperm tanks!  Soon the entire house is fucking, and cocks are twitching with energy.  Fan favorite Colby Keller gets in on the action with Blake Daniels and  J. R. Matthews joins the fun with a fantastic fuck with Adrian Long. Click for more Colby Keller, Blake, Daniels, J.R. Matthews, & Adrian Long

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Click the picture to see the action.

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This week’s TwelvePlay features one of the hottest adult entertainers in the industry.  He’s drop dead gorgeous, down to Earth, hilariously entertaining and so real.  To quote his Twitter bio, he’s of “mixed race with a supermodel face; gay, tan and twice the man.” We love him and we’re very certain that you will too after you get to know him.  This is Micah Brandt’s TwelvePlay.

1. What’s the most surprising thing that happened to you in 2011?

Probably that I got through it (lol). Was I the only one who did NOT have a good year during 2011?!? I’ll gladly leave that year behind.

2. Describe yourself in one word.


3. If you were one of the X-Men, what mutant power would you posses?

I always thought Storm was awesome so if I were a mutant, I’d want to be like her only I’d be able to control all four elements. (more…)

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Falcon Studios just got 10 times hotter! According to AVN, Micah Brandt has been signed to Falcon for a period of one year. Brandt brings an ethnic edge to Falcon in an effort to diversify casting at the iconic studio.

“Micah is stunningly beautiful,” commented company president Chris Ward, “and to me, he represents our kind of stud – a wonderful face, a near perfect body and an attitude that is both friendly and sexually charged. We hope to have a long relationship with Micah.”

Brandt is equally as excited about his exclusive signing saying, “I’m looking forward to working for the highly professional team at Falcon. To be an exclusive for the biggest studio in the world with the best directors and production team is a privilege.”

Brandt will be shooting for both the Falcon and JOCKS lines and also be featured on He’ll also be featured in the upcoming release Fahrenheit, which is set to premiere in February 2012.

You can also catch Micah Brandt on Rocket Tube where he has several scenes.


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Felix Barca and Race Cooper hold nothing back in an incredibly hot flip flop fuck scene on

The beefy studs start off with some oral action. Felix expertly deep throats Race’s massive cock, then Race returns the favor on his uncut piece. After their mouths get tired, the boys let their other holes take some dick too.

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Matthew Rush

Rush and Release marks the directorial debut of Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush. For the first time, Matthew takes his place behind the cameracrafting four sizzling scenes bursting with sexual energy and hard-pounding action.

Join Falcon Exclusives Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes, and Ashton Star plus musclestud Marc Williams, Andrew Justice and Parker Williams as they introduce newcomers Max Schutler, Tony Masala and Justin Parker to the Falcon team.

Check out the video clip blow then head on over to Falcon Studios by clicking here to get the full version of Matthew Rush’s debut film as a director!

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OK, so we have sites from A to Z on the internet that cover every subject in between.  The blogging world is a boom with everybody, along with their brother contributing to their own or someone else’s blog.  Well, we sure can’t leave gay porn out of the picture now can we?  Of course there are several “blogs” about gay porn…and stuff related to, which, is what you’re reading right now, but…there’s a site which seems to stir the pot so to speak and simply loves to dish it out about the gay porn industry and all its goings on!

From Gay Porn Truth:

Oh, the hypocrisy. Falcon “Classic Bareback” movies, compiled into convenient compilation form, on sale now! I guess what escapes them is that if there was ever a time when we’d actually see a seroconversion take place on screen, these films were made during that time.

More hypocrisy from Falcon on display

So, when you need to give your arm (and cock) a break from the routine of gay porn, why not stay abreast of all the juicy gossip…and other juice that goes along with gay porn by checking out Gay Porn Truth.  That way, when you’re out to lunch with your friends, much like the vid clip below, you’ll be the star of the day filling your friends up with all the latest news and gossip from the gay porn world…too bad they don’t have this a Jeopardy category eh?

Oh, and if you want to see what’s abuzz at Falcon, check out the video and click here to visit the Falcon site directly!

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According to a post on Gay Porn Blog:

Porn-star-turned-paralegal Jay Armstrong is filing a harassment suit against a professor at University of Louisiana who allegedly called the Mustang star’s gay past “vulgar,” threatened to reveal his porn identity to the Political Science department, intimating that Armstrong might be expelled for work in films like ‘Forced Entry’.

Jay Armstrong

Jay Armstrong

In an email to Jay Armstrong (real name Jeremy Williams), Dr. Bryan-Paul Frost, a Crocker endowed professor of Political Science at UL-Lafayette, reportedly told Armstrong that he needed psychiatric help for working in the adult industry and, according to Armstrong, that he would “face consequences” for, I suppose, things having a publicly double-penetrated asshole. Armstrong, who tells us he has a “near-perfect” GPA and is close to graduating panicked. He’s taken his story to the local media, but sent us an email in hopes to publicize his plight in the gay community.

  • You can read more by clicking here, and get a glimpse of the Double Penetration action of “Forced Entry” on the video below!

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