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When the sexy hitman Cavin Knight is sent by a secret organization to retrieve important information, he isnt expecting to be surprised by the buffed hunk agent Spencer Reed and what starts as an easy mission, culminates in Calvin being tied down and force fucked by Spencers huge veiny dick.  Click the picture to see the action.  

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Menatplay’s Exclusive Stud Alex Marte with his flawless muscular physique, classic Italian looks, and big dick! Click the picture to see that action.

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Starring Harry Louis and Axel Brooks.  Click the picture to see all the action.


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Decked out in his retro tight fitting 70s suit and a pair of cowboy boots Paul Wagner gives us one of our hottest solo performances to date. Click the picture to see him in action. 


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Thank you for your reservation at the Hotel Voyeur. Your company associates Mr. Ben Brown, Mr. Axel Brooks and Mr. Alex Marte have already checked in. We encourage our guests to make use the many facilities we provide such as gym in the basement, restaurant on the ground floor and not to mention the serious cruising which you will find throughout the entire hotel.  Click the picture to see the action. 

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All Harry Louis can think about during French lessons is teacher Isaac Jones’ oui-oui in a classroom fuck at

The horny pupil couldn’t resist the sexy teacher, so he practiced his French vocabulary with a special message on the board: “Je vais baiser ton cull.” After realizing Harry knows more about French than he let on, Mr. Jones lets him claim his prize.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the language,“Je vais baiser ton cull” roughly translates to THIS:

Not kidding. It’s even more fun to hear it translated by Google!

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Big, beefy Italian studs Alex Marte and Francesco D’Macho make a hot pair in a scene for

It starts out with Francesco eating out Alex’s hairy hole like it’s the all-you-can-eat buffet, then Alex expertly rides his dick.

But that’s not all. The boys decide to swap positions and Francesco gets a drilling too.

And don’t pay any attention to the silly sock garters. As soon as he gets those legs up in the air, it won’t matter.

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So if going to the doctor was really like this, I think that people would be fighting those tea-baggers tooth and nail to make sure that everyone in the U.S. was able to get health insurance. In fact, I think the tea-baggers may find themselves out voiced.

Check out the incredibly sexy Doctor Stevens whose reputation seems to have preceded him. The gorgeous Ludovic Canot has heard through the grapevine that Doctor Stevens can work magic and make you feel like a new man!

So of course Ludovic takes a trip to the doc’s office and complains that his groin hurts and it’s not long before both groins are throbbing and ready for action. This is definitely one of Menatplay’s finest!

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Have you ever been in the spot where, yes even as a man, you were forced into asking for directions?  Well Eduardo doesn’t really need any directions, but he does need a ride and Carlos is going to give it to him.

These guys eyes light up when the see each other and in split seconds their eyes aren’t the only thing up.  They go at it like two dogs in heat which makes for a great show!

Both Eduardo and Carlos are hot as hell and horny as hell too, so putting them together makes for a video hot enough it could melt a polar ice cap.  Hmmm…maybe Men At Play is the reason for global warming?

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Now some guys just ooze sexiness, and not just precum, and Jason Scott of Men At Play is one of them.  He has a beautifully toned and muscular body that just wont stop.

He also has one of the nicest little, tight asses you could ever want to see.  I’d be willing to bet you could bounce a quarter of that bootie!

And as far as his cock goes, tell me you don’t want to lick his balls and suck on that shaft for hours and I’ll call you a liar!  He’s hot, and makes me horny as hell.

Check him out in the video clip below from Men At Play!

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So, it’s Tuesday…it’s not even “hump day” yet, but it’s been a long…hard…week. Your boss is jerk, works a drag, the economy sucks more than you get to so you can’t even pretend to not like your job. Well, for those who have someone waiting at home, cooking dinner, there’s nothing better than adding a little extra protein to your diet prior to relaxing over a home cooked meal. Isn’t it great to walk in, kick off your shoes and loosen that tie…and fuck all the days frustrations right out of your system?

Well, just in case you live alone, pop in a microwave dinner, let the aroma of food fill the kitchen, kick back in and let this video do the work for you.

Here are Patrik and Max Schutler as they’re reunited for a good ass pounding in the kitchen after Max comes home after a hard day at the office and the only thing on his mind is Patriks juicy cock inside him! Max is hungry but not for food and Patrik is ever so obliging.

When you’re hungry for more, don’t settle for leftovers, head over to Men at Play to get your fill!

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That’s right, even if it is Monday, you have to head to work and your boss is a jerk, there’s ALWAYS a reason to smile and Jason Scott is just one of many reasons right here at RocketTube!

Jeremy is one of the freshest and cutest guys to hit the scene in a while. He’s got an adorable smile, sure to put one on your face, and the rest of him is sure to keep you smiling from ear to cock!

If you like what you see here, make sure you head over to Men at Play to get more smiles by the mile with Jeremy Scott! HAPPY MONDAY!

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