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The new movie by New York Straight Men entitled, “Two Guys Hanging” could have just as been as easily “Ben Gets a Face-full” or ‘Ben is a Cum-Rag”.

NYSM paired up Tony and Joe for a good old fashioned jerk off session with Ben watching off to the side…at least at the start, but you know Ben, he simply can’t keep his hands, or mouth off of a nice, big, juice filled cock, even if it belongs to uptight Italian American Type, who keeps everything on the DL.

It is evident in this movie that Tony is not comfortable sitting right next to another guy while jerking off. When another guy sees Tony with a hardon, its because that guy is going to suck him off and then disappear. While Tony never quite warned up to the situation, he did it because he needed to bust his nut, as it had been a few days.

Ben got a great show, he got to see two hot and hairy straight guys taking care of themselves. However after a while, Ben couldn’t take it anymore, his inner cocksucker got restless and he did what comes natural to him and got rewarded with a shot of cum in the face!

Have a look at the video preview from NYSM below, then when you’re ready for Tony and Joe…and Ben too, head over to NYSM to get your eyes (and face) full!

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Only in New York perhaps, but I’ve got to say, with all the gay porn I’ve seen, this is the first time I’ve ever seen two red heads getting down and dirty with each other.


But, as the story has it, Ben had been lusting after Josh, the Ginger Giant ever since he first appeared on NYSM, and Josh agreed to let Ben worship and service him.

Ben starts off by licking and sucking Josh’s sculpted pecs and nipples, Then he worked his way down between Josh’s legs ready to suck his cock, but Josh had another idea. He lifted up his leg and instructed Ben to rim his ass first, and without hesitation, Ben had his tongue deep inside.


It should go without saying, but just in case, Josh dumped his big load as a result of Ben’s hard work. Ben calls it a labor of love. We call it “red hot”!

Watch how Ben services on the clip below and Get more at!

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