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Austin Storm is a Colorado native who is ruff around the edges but still easy on the eyes. A rugged out-doorsy type, he is captured here in his element, up in the trees, surveying the landscape and resting easy and naturally in the mid-day sun. Finding a stack of hay, he cops a squat and reclines back, wiping the sweat from his brow and feeling his member getting hard in his jeans. Letting it air out, he spits on his fingers and then rubs the head of his cock, his blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight as his tan skin shines in the radiant heat. Slowly he works his cock, quietly and without much strain, losing his load all over his chest before retreating back into the woods from whence he came. Click for more Austin Storm 

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Flexx Boola, the man with the catchy name and a baseball bat for a penis, is coming at you in this up close and personal session. Click here to see more.


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Next Door Male is now spelled VANCE CRAWFORD! Vance starts this scene following some baseball action. He hits the gym to continue his workout and apparently, the workout turns him on big time! Next thing you know, he’s coming out of his clothes and preparing to cum another way. This scene is a testament to the male form. He’s muscular, toned and hung, a triple threat. He starts to stroke his long, thick dick while he sniffs his socks. Didn’t expect that, but it works (nicely). He makes great use out of his clothes and shoes, one of which catches his load.

Compliments of RocketTube

You can watch more of Vance Crawford at the Next Door Male website. There are also other scenes on the Next Door Male RocketTube channel.

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Sometimes when you’re super sexy, you can pull off a solo video that’s just as sexy and entertaining as videos with more than one person. That’s the case with Next Door Male James Huntsman. Even if you aren’t a hardcore solo video fan, you’ll want to watch this one. James has a body and a look about him that requires your presence. You watch him and you want him. Check him out as he strokes for you in this scene.

Compliments of RocketTube

Is James your fantasy or your reality? You can watch his full video at the Next Door Male website and then decide. The Next Door Male RocketTube channel might also satisfy other cravings if you’re curious.

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Today, I received the shock of the week! I watched a video featuring Trey Turner and discovered my new porn crush. No one told me that he was so fucking sexy! OMG! From the moment I saw him, I knew I would be crowning a new porn king. Watching him slowly remove his clothes was the tease of the year. He looked so fine underneath his clothing, but I didn’t know he was going to blow me away like he did.

To make matters worse, he has some of the juiciest lips that I’ve ever seen. Juicy lips should be on everyone’s “must have” list. I imagined all of the things he could do with them. What I really enjoyed about Trey is that he didn’t give it all up at once. He made you wait for it. He made you wait to see his chiseled body, his apple bottom ass and his super dick. It’s definitely worth the wait too. Let’s talk about his dick. (more…)

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After a long workout, Tyler Price treats himself to a jerk off session in the gym on

Watch the hot jock rub his ripped physique, then play with his big uncut cock until he pops his milk all over his bod.

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Sexy stud Alexi Auclair gets horny while making a video on his laptop and decides to get off to himself. Who can blame him? He’s got a hot bod, hairy chest, a perfectly straight cock and looks like actor Chris Evans.

Try not to feel inspired to go next door to see if there are any males who look like this living by you.

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Ginger stud James Jamesson recounts nearly getting busted by the police after busting a nut in the library bathroom.

In a solo scene for, the sexy redhead tells a friend on the phone that earlier in the day he got a stiffy after reading a romantic mystery novel in the library, then hit up the lavatory to relieve himself.

Moments later, a cop stopped James on his way out to let him know he wasn’t too thrilled with his wanky session. Pffft… and you complain the cops aren’t keeping the streets safe! Give him the death penalty!

“Am I seriously about to go to jail for jerking off in the bathroom?” James told a friend over the phone. “That’s what polite people do.”

After the story telling phone call ends, James gets back to rubbing his meat. He’s even flexible enough to self-suck his cock until he spills milk on his face. And that’s not where his talents end. James hit us up on Twitter and added: “I can also dance like a mothafucka!”

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Calvin Koons works in an assortment of dildos during his workout for

The hot jock goes from playing with his cock muscle on the bench to riding his toys on the gym floor.

If you can get glutes like Calvin’s by riding dicks, I think I’ll be doing my workouts exclusively in the locker room from now on. *wink*

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Jimmy Clay enjoys family gatherings very much. Although he invited his girlfriend to come along, she couldn’t make the trip out of town this time.

Jimmy’s excited to be dating such a sexually liberated girl. She likes to fuck on the bus, at the mall, in the movies, even in fast food bathrooms! She’s simply insatiable.

But who wouldn’t be with Jimmy’s fat cock at your disposal?¬† Check out this horny hunk while he pumps his meat for his girlfriend…and you at Next Door Male!

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Meet Tyler Torro! This hunk of beautiful meat is only 21 years old and standing at 6’1″ and weighing in at a healthy 180 pounds, he is the definition of Young Stud.

When this guy’s not working out, he’s at the gym anyway since he’s a personal trainer. When he’s not doing either of those things, he’s on the prowl with his buddies, looking for the next little slut to dip his fat cock into.

Lucky for you, he’ll be exhibiting his hot rod in this NextDoorMale scene today. From the shower to the sofa, Tyler uses his hand and the infamous FleshLight to get his dick off.

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Now here is some serious guy-on-guy action that is not the kind we ever want to hear about.

But according to reports from the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, “Big Brother 10″ contestant and gay porn star Steven Daigle has been arrested and is in jail after allegedly beating up his ex-boyfriend and fellow gay-porn actor, Trent Locke.

Trent Locke

It’s being reported that the 37-year-old Daigle and his former boyfriend were arguing and it escalated to a physical altercation in West Hollywood, which ended up with Locke in the hospital.

Daigle was booked for misdemeanor battery and is being held on $20,000 bail.

Steven Daigle

Locke tweeted he’s nursing a broken heart, can’t eat and is getting comfort from his “lucky” dog by his side.

Below is a video of Trent Locke at Next Door Male!

And below is a clip of Steven Daigle in action.

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