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As Alex was getting ready, Shane wanted to check out what he’d be playing with, so we pulled up Alex’s first scene on the site to let him check it out. Earlier in the day, we found out that Alex’s favorite thing to do was rim, and Shane’s favorite thing to do was get rimmed, so it was a match made in sex heaven! After they enjoyed each other’s tongues, Alex threw Shane’s legs up and went to town with his big dick. Shane rode it, took it doggy style, then finally let Alex pound the cum out of him before spinning him around and blowing his load down his throat! Click for more Alex & Shane

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Late Sunday morning, Shane ambles to the kitchen. Ashton has made them both coffee and he’s standing at the counter reading. Even though they fucked last night Ashton would rather skip breakfast and try to swallow Shane’s cock again. Both of these guys are huge fans of huge cock along with having pretty big cocks themselves, and they weren’t shy about it. Shane eats Ashton’s ass and fucks him all over the counter, with both of them cumming all over Ashton’s abs. Click for more Shane and Ashton

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OK, for all you sports lovers, the football season has officially ended with the New Orleans Saints as the victors and now that it’s well into February, spring is starting to creep back into our minds which can only mean one thing…spring training! That’s right, the boys of summer will be back on the field in no time ready to entertain us while we feast on hot dogs and beer.

Not a baseball fan? Well, no worries, there’s another great American past time where the season last all year and every time we score it’s a cause for celebration…of course I’m talking about sex.

So, whether you do it by yourself

With a partner

Or with two other hot guys…

Just remember, it’s one, two, three strokes you’re out at the old ball game!

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