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Straight rock band drummer Damon was convinced by new found friend Enzoz to chill at the studio after playing pool. He had no idea what he was in store for after he closed his eyes we would get a full view of his manly physique and his beautiful cock! Click for more Damon
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When I came home from the store and saw Newt sleeping on the couch, and the warm summer sun shinning down on his body I knew I was going to savor this moment in time and enjoy touching and documenting every part of his firm young body.

He has amazing tattoos he got on a trip to Japan with his Japanese girlfriend. His skin was warm and energetic to the touch. I could feel his youthful energy vibrating as my hand caressed up and down his body. Well, see for yourself, I’ll tell more of the story later. Click for more Newt

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I think you guys are really going to like this straight guy! His name is Nicholas and he’s a high school jock through and through. He’s the kind of stud that’s going to be a total frat boy in college, popular, banging all the chicks, winning all the championships, you know it! The cameraman struck a win after Nicholas stopped by to avoid rush hour traffic from the airport! Click to see more Nicholas

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The man behind the camera tells us the story of the sexy jock, Kent.
“I met Kent a while back, referred to me by my good friend Rex, since he wants to become a model. I helped him out with creating his professional portfolio and we have been good friends since. Kent is a disciplined guy, juggling college, football, modeling and keeping his girlfriend happy, which can be hard at times, since she is a high maintenance kind of girl.

I like to give him advise whenever I can, not just on his professional life, but his personal one as well, so he usually comes here when he has any problems or just needs to blow off some steam working out at my gym room. He stopped by at night after a workout and wanted to vent about girlfriend problems. Since he didn’t really want to go back to his place, I invited him to crash in the guest room and had the chance of filming him in his sleep the very next morning!

Kent stayed up late watching porn on TV and is still asleep in his long spandex gym pants in the morning. I run my hands up and down his back, feeling the softness of his skin and his broad shoulders as I make sure he doesn’t wake up before I get the chance to seduce him. When he tosses and turns, I can see the huge package under his pants, that morning wood is begging to be relieved of all that hot spunk built up in Kent’s ball sack! I pull them down so I can release his thick, throbbing member and balls and get to work on his boner, stroking it to life.

I get rid of his pants and once I have Kent totally naked and relaxed, I stimulate his balls while jerking his cock with steady movements. I even lean over and pop the tip of his dick in my mouth, giving his dick head a few licks and tasting his pre-cum. This seems to do the trick, I can sense that cumshot making its way through as I speed up my stroking and Kent blows a nice, heavy load, leaving droplets of spunk all over his thighs. Hey, if his girlfriend isn’t taking advantage of Kent’s gorgeous cock, big balls and fresh spunk, somebody has to!” Click for more of Kent

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The man behind Sleeping Men had this to say about his recent encounter with a straight stock boy named Rex.

“I’m known for my poker face, but believe me, this morning I was having a hard time keeping a straight face as I poured my good pal Rex some coffee after he woke up. Rex has been helping me out with some delayed projects and that means staying up late, so it’s just better for him to stay over. This guy has one of the most selfish, stupidest girlfriends I’ve ever known any of my guys to have, but moving on, this morning, Rex was pale and something seemed to be troubling him. Finally, Rex rounded up the fortitude to make a confession.

Turns out he got the sheets dirty after having a wet dream. I laughed it off, we’re guys, shit like that happens, but I knew something else was troubling my straight friend. You see, Rex is no stranger to wet dreams, but they usually involve hot chicks, unlike this one, in which he saw himself naked in bed, jerking his rod and getting pleasured by another guy! I tried so hard not to laugh as I told him not to worry; sometimes straight guys had harmless fantasies like these. Still, Rex just couldn’t understand what triggered such a wet dream, but I sure did!

Since Rex was staying over, I couldn’t pass on the chance of seducing this sexy straight stud again. After all, this guy is popular and in demand with his incredible body and rock hard cock! I fondled his body over the covers and reached under his boxers, rubbing that sexy butt and slowly stripping him naked.

This guy’s got such a hot ass, I slid my fingers up and down his butt crack, teasing his perineum and scrotum and watching his cock get big and hard for me. I could tell he was getting pretty aroused by this, but it would be later the next morning that I’d discover that my sleeping seduction triggered his naughty homoerotic wet dream!

With Rex naked and sprawled on the sofa bed, I took my time to play with his dick, stroking, rubbing and massaging it. I even whipped out my own cock and rubbed it against his dick and balls. Now that was hot! I gave his meaty pole a few more tugs and watched as he blew his load, splattering hot, pearly jizz all over his chest and belly. Connecting this seduction with his wet dream narration the next morning sure made my day!”
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In this scene, Josh’s pipes burst during a freeze. It was no surprise that he turned up at his neighbor’s door, asking if there might be any chance he could stay over until the damage got fixed. His neighbor invites him in right away and preps him a hot cup of coffee while the poor jock warmed up by the fireplace. He was more than happy to have him stay over. His place is HOT and gets lots of sun, and he’d have the chance to get him on film. Watch our mystery man seduce Josh in his long johns and work his meat till he blows a HUGE forceful load! Click the photo or here for more. Visit “Sleeping Men” Here


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There’s nothing like the rush of playing around with someone as they sleep. In this Sleeping Men scene, we get to watch what happens when one helluva sexy personal trainer goes to sleep. This is one of those ‘rush of adrenaline’ scenes because we’ve all been in this situation at some point. When you see how hot Beau is, you will understand why it was necessary that he get a blowjob and a handjob. Plus, he has a hidden treasure between his legs.  This is one of the hottest Sleeping Men scenes that I’ve seen.  It’s definitely in my top 5!  Click the picture to uncover this long, hard and thick treasure!

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We’ve all been there…. We have a sexy man asleep in our presence… Our mind starts to wonder and before we know it, we’re taking full advantage of the carnal impulse to misbehave.  Don’t worry, we’ve all done it at some point.  Enjoy the clip!

Watch the full video at the Sleeping Men website. You can also check out other clips at the Sleeping Men RocketTube Channel.

Compliments of RocketTube

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